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Apr 22, 2015
Jul 13, 2009
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PetForums VIP, from Canada.

Miss.PuddyCat was last seen:
Apr 22, 2015
    1. katie200
      cool im off to pet at home some time this weak to get smokey a new colour and tag as his first colour broke a little befor christmas so i brough both of them new ones and then he lost his new one and his nice tag so i cant let him out untel he has another lol so what sort of toy are you getting you cats
    2. katie200
      yer we had a great one the cats where so exited and jessie loved her first christmas and yes the computer works finely did your cats love christmas
    3. katie200
      hi did you all have a great christmas
    4. Nicky09
      When they were bonded/married or whatever its called?
    5. Nicky09
      Yeah that was good the CGI was just amazing. It was 3 hours or something I didn't realise it was that long though. It didn't seem too long when I was there I got so sucked into the story
    6. Nicky09
      The big dragon thing? It was a gorgeous colour they did a good job of making it realistic I was wincing when he was going along the cliff to get the flying thing.
    7. Nicky09
      Saw it but I need to go back and watch it in 3D. It is an amazing film especially the end and the special effects were great even in 2D.
    8. Miss.PuddyCat
      gahhh!!!!!! Im an idoit.
    9. Cat_Crazy
      Sorry for not answering you, managed to miss this messgae somehow.

      Believe me i'm no expert lol, still learning lots everyday myself!

      I love the chocolate points, my youngest is a chocolate tabby it's a lovely rich colour! They are nice name also. I like Cocoa for a chocolate point as well.

      Must admit i'm not a fan of the Sphnx, I like my fluffy cats too much but I suppose they are one of them breeds that you either love or hate.

      Hope you have a great christmas and chat to you soon!
    10. ShannonLouise.
      Haha, Noah will be going to the vets after christmas is over with hopefuly! :)

      & Glad your all doing well.
      We are doing fine except Noah.. well, he thinks its alright to climb up the xmas tree & sit on 1 of the branchs falling asleep untill his weight bends the branch!
      Also Noah and Mia think it is alright to nick the baubles off the tree and think its a toy ball to kick around.

      & Aww, Chester was adorable! and with that lil bow on his/her head :001_wub: cutee!

      What have you and the rest of the 'gang' been upto then? Anyone messing with your christmas decorations yet ? :lol:
    11. ShannonLouise.
      Haha aww, the vets where all crowding around Harvey when he had his vaccination jabs. Noah hasnt been in yet but i suspect they will be giving Noah alot of attention too. :D

      Yes, Whenever my mum opens her wardrobe door (thats where the bows are kept till xmas) Mia is in straight away and grabs a couple out nd runs off (sometimes we shut the door and lock her in by mistake, then hear a scrunching noise) :001_wub: .. We find the bows under the setee mostly where shes got them stuck under there :lol:

      We are doing great, well Toby is abit naffed off still because he lost his girlfriend in October, She got ran over :( So he is still Very upset.. Well so are me and my family really. She was so fluffy and loving.

      How are you guys doing then?
    12. katie200
      awwwwwww cool name change we fine holly and smokey take the boble off the tree agan it drives my mum mad lol and jessies a little terror hope your lots doing good
    13. katie200
      hi how are you and your cats hope your all well
    14. Cat_Crazy
      Not a problem.

      Never watched Homeward Bound so had a quick google for a picture of the cat and no it is not a Birman. The face is a little too rounded and the nose is too short. Plus it does have gloves which is the main Birman feature.

      I would say a seal point Himalyain, a type of persian that has what is known as a 'doll face' but I could be wrong.

    15. WhiteKatLuva
      Hello, im new here (and toatally random xD) yea i commented here to say: LOVE THE NAME
      And you seem cool ^^
    16. Cat_Crazy
      Hi there

      I would recomend The Birman Cat by Pet Love, it's not very in depth but great for a beginner interested in the breed.

      If you want something a little more knowledgable then The Birman Cat Club sell a book called ' the secrets of the sacred cat of Burma' which is great.

      There is also a good book called ' The guide to owning a Birman cat' by Karen Commings.

      Hope this helps and you find something suitable.

    17. wrinkles
      thats great news! let me know if i can help in anyway, or with any questions you might have x
    18. Nicky09
      Te dogs do look miserable when you use harsh methods on them I could never do it. I'm glad you used a halti in the end. The dobes are locked outside in tiny kennels when the breed doesn't cope well being an outside dog and are totally miserable.

      If they get too much just kick them out
    19. Nicky09
      They are well behaved but she's of the old-school a well trained dog is a shut down one that barely moves unless you tell it to. If need be yeah just tell her to get out
    20. Nicky09
      Yeah a Bouvier wanted to sit on you, you would be squished.

      I have no idea why she wanted to probably thought they needed to learn manners or something she uses either them or choke chains on her dobermans to train them
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