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Apr 22, 2015
Jul 13, 2009
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PetForums VIP, from Canada.

Miss.PuddyCat was last seen:
Apr 22, 2015
    1. katie200
      hi how are you and your cats hope there all good last night i had the fright my mum cooker cort fire pretty bad and we all had to run out i got holly out and tryed to get smokey out but he ran up stairs and because the fire was bad i had to go i really though he was going to die i have never felt so scared and gulty then when i was out side and running to me neighbours to get a phone to ring the fire people i droped holly in her garden and when the fire had been put out and smokey had been found fine i then couldnt find holly in the dark but luckey she was where i left her because she anwcered to her name i feel so gulty for leaving smokey but happy hes ok
    2. leashedForLife
      caption 35 - lets laugh! - Pet Forums Community :D
    3. katie200
      lol im sure you get back to it it was sad it made me think of when i move out of home ill be takeing both cats with me but i do worry smokey will not be happy without my sister he close to her and eventhough she would come see him he wont see her everyday i just hope he will cope
    4. katie200
      ive been walking jessie as now she walks like an angel i couldnt belive it and looking after smokey as he was a bit sad last two weeks as my little sister moved to her dads and he went of his food so lots of love for him and last weak my sister moved back home she didnt like it at her dads ive never seen smokey so happy but my sister also moved back because she had a skin reaction to his king charile puppy it was really bad so ive had a stress full month or so but thing are getting back to the nomal lol what have you been upto this week
    5. katie200
      hi smokey and holly are fine really funny when they where playing with a new ball toy together lol and jessie the dog is really inproved on her walks since she went to training and we got her a dog bridle it really worked what your cats been upto
    6. katie200
      how are you and your cats
      Hi How Are You?
    8. xxwelshcrazyxx
      Next to Quote at the bottom you will see two black commers, press that on each post you want to reply to and then hit send reply and away you go.
    9. ninja
      hi, to multi quote click on the box next to 'quote' it will light up red and then click on reply as you normaly would :)
    10. Jen26
      It's a Scottish fold without folded ears :)
    11. katie200
      yes that the tag i got smokey and hes alreddy broke it i cant find the other end so now he will have to wait untel his one is reddy i was so worried about him a few hours ageo as he got out side and i couldnt find him as it snowed a lot so i was calling up my steet hopeing he would find his way back as i had see a frozen hedge hog and i was worried got home and he had got in though the dryer hole he was cold wet and crying to be towl dryed lol hope your cats and you are well and staying warm in this horrable weather
    12. ShannonLouise.
      Oh, i have never heard of that film before. I must be down in the latest craze :lol:

      Yes it hope it is :lol: and i best not get stuck babysitting my lil cousins :(. Calico's are gorgeous, aww i think Sphynx's are gorgeous too!! & i love the name Stitches. Haha yes i will be counting the days! :D Its on my calendar on the date i go pick her up aha :D.

      Oh, yes i have a couple of years yet till i move out and get my own place :( & im excited/scared for moving out because my Mia and Noah wont beable to come with me as they live in this house and you cant split them all apart.

      Hha, thats exactly why she doesnt take me to pet stores. Whenever we go in i go straight to the tanks and hutches. In 2008 i nearly walked out with 2 blue frogs i forgot the name of the breed but they were beautiful. Now i keep asking for a Rat orr Rabbit i think shes afraid of taking me :lol: & I bet they love there new toys, cant wait to spoil mine! :) We are getting all 4 there own name tags soon, engraved with there name and telephone number, so that should go well :).

      Well, i hope i do. I have been ill all week, with a Chesty cough and Sore throat.
      Hope you have a good weekend tooo :)
    13. Cat_Crazy
      It's 5.30 am here lol and I still aint been bed yet.

      It dosn't really worry me as the hamster is in my bedroom where the cats are not allowed anyway as my bed is leather and I don't want them to scratch the legs off it.

      I just spend time with Bailey (the hamster) in my room and he has lots of cuddles and exercise in the evening which works out great as they are nocturnal anyway.

      Have a good night and chat soon
    14. Cat_Crazy
      Aww bless, I could do with a cat that dosn't want to eat mice. I have a hamster and my cat is just waiting till the day he cat have it for breakfast lol.

      Have to VERY carefull with kepeing the door shut at all times.

      I have a feral cat though so he is a super spider hunter but sadly also a super mice / rat / bird hunter :(
    15. Cat_Crazy
      Lol bet you'll be listening for a hissing sound for a while now!

      I checked everywhere before going to bed as well lol, I think i'm quite safe however with 5 cats in the house, generally one of them kills it before I even notice them there.
    16. ShannonLouise.
      Oh wow, it does sound really good.. its apparently the most seen movie this year :lol:

      Im not getting another kitten till September now. We are going away for 3 weeks to Turkey in August with my whole family for a family wedding.. So its hard enough to find someone to look after the 4. The girl i was going to get was calico.. but i had to pick her up on the 31st so i couldnt have her :( She was gorgeous aswell i think we was going to name her Stella, and haha i know girls are cheeky & little madams, Mia was one.. she still is :lol: She still acts like a little baby.

      Your moving? Oh wow i wish i could move :lol: I still live with my mum as im 16 and my bedroom is the smallest room in the house :( Can't wait till i move out. I always ask my mum to take me to the big petshop in the city centre! She always says "no im working" haha, what did you get? Im trying to find some collars online for my boys.. I am ordering a diamonty one off ebay for Mia :)
    17. katie200
      smokey loved his new colour but i had to get him a cheap tag untel his one is reddy and i found holly a better brush witch was cool and got them some treats witch smokey wouldnt leve me alone after he tryed one her was trying to get more lol how are your cats hope there all well
    18. leashedForLife
      so sorry, puddy! :--O
      DH is so standard here, i did not know it would be confusing - DH = Dear Hubby; DW = Dear Wife; just shorthand for spouse. i will go note that on the post, thanks for the heads-up! :thumbsup:
      --- terry
    19. alaun
      Thanks for the Reppie Xx
    20. ShannonLouise.
      Sorry i havnt been replying :D. Soda ran into the glass? aww bless! Harvey has done that quite a few times and then runs off like nothing happend :lol: !!
      How was Avatar? It looks pretty good, i was meant to be going to watch that.. but i got so busy with things :(

      We are after getting another little girl (kitten) in September :D!
      How are you?

      Shannon x
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