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Apr 22, 2015
Jul 13, 2009
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Apr 22, 2015
    1. Dogless
      It took Kilo a good while to 'come round' again - he even lunged and barked at dogs he's played with no problem before. Luckily I knew the owners so explained and all was fine and they're playing again now. Think you mean Adaptil? The cat stuff is Feliway so you have to get the dog specific one. You can use Rescue Remedy with dogs too. x
    2. Dogless
      Bless her. I used a supplement called "Nupafeed Stress-Less" which really helped too - not sure if there is an equivalent over there? I'm pleased you got out there and did it though and Molly came over. I wonder why she is shaking? Pure stress or has she not eaten or something? Poor Sophie.
    3. Dogless
      You are welcome - how were you on your walk? Hope your anxiety wasn't too bad and you managed a good one. I do know how hard it is, having had it happen to me but just keep on battling through and go out with the most cheerful attitude that you can muster for Sophie's sake xx.
    4. Dogless
      Hi; I hope that you're doing a little better now. I know how scary it is xx.
    5. sid&kira

      Yes we ship to most places, and the website estimates shipping for different countries aswell :)
    6. samblebee
      People who scoop up their tiny dogs from my darling Old English don't help either 4 of us. They don't get to see the true individual their dog friend could be, the little dog doesn't learn how to interact with the big dog and tell him no for himself, the big dog has no idea what boundries there are with small dogs because he never gets a chance to learn from a balanced one, and I lack the oppurtunity to teach him and continue reinforcing the belief with other owners that my boy is a monster, haha!

      What is your experience and view of larger dogs? I'm interested to know, it's the first time I feel I can have this conversation with someone :)

      Also hope you are keeping well, and dry :)
    7. samblebee
      Hello Miss :)

      I hope my comment was okay? It didn't sound harsh did it? I am getting used to talking on forums again. I love little dogs, they have huge hearts, but it upsets me when I see them terrified by big dogs. Understandably they should be cautious around them, but I think there is an element of balance needed, that is normal. It's just from my own experience and observations, the little dogs who are terrified of huge dogs seem to have consciously or subconsciously learnt it from their human companion, who rightfully fears for their little one. (I'm not saying this is you by the way, I'm just ranting, it feels good to talk). I have a dream that in the future more people will start treating the dogs they share their lives with, with the same respect their child warrants. Nurture their independence but still providing the safety net of support that a good parent does.

    8. Cat_Crazy
      Drove me bloody mad!
      Was going to get a new one straight away but had other expenses to worry about.

      I don't like Sphynx cats at all lol, animals should have fur lol.
      Chocolate points are lovely, I have a chocolate tabby point. Her name is Mia, there are pics of her in my albums as a kitten.

      Puppy sounds lovely! I have more than enough with my one dog Zeus lol, we lost our old girl Zena a few weeks back :(

      Have a new little kitten addition though, just picked him up today :)
      A little ginger moggie named Charlie, stunning little boy he is!
    9. Cat_Crazy
      Hi, how are you?
      Had a break for a while (not by choice lol, computer broke) but i'm back now :)

      Birman's are amazing, very biased obviously but they are so sweet and gentle.
      You tempted to get one now?

      Once I met one I was hooked and had to get one, which led to 2 and then 3 lol.
      They really are quite addictive!
    10. Erzs
      Hey! I've been wanting to read a WoW book for a while, could you recommend me one? =]
    11. PoisonGirl
      hey, sorry just noticed your post on my page, i have no idea sorry :( id make a thread about it just to be safe as i have no idea if raccoons can carry diseases or anything xx
    12. newfiesmum
      I think because it was dark and she just saw the shape, wasn't expecting a dog to be that size. Glad it happened really, because her husband mended the fence! You learn to cover your dinner quick when they look like they are going to shake their heads. It is the only downside of a giant breed, I think, and I can't do anything about it.
    13. newfiesmum
      I have slobber on me, on the car seats, on the furniture, up the walls, and if they shake their heads you had better make sure your mouth is shut and your dinner covered up! I was walking Ferdie once near where we used to live and passed the house that backed on to mine. It had a huge garden. The owner was outside and she said; I know that dog; he was in my garden the other night! Apparently he had broken through the fence and turned up outside her kitchen. She thought it was a deer in the garden! We had a big garden too and I didn't even know he had gone.
    14. newfiesmum
      Swamp monster indeed! They are great big teddy bears is what they are, really cuddly and kissable, and they give lovely big kisses. I am besotted.
    15. newfiesmum
      Yes, people are always taken aback by their size, especially Ferdie. I just love giant breeds, especially the very hairy kind. You can imagine what it is like when one of them comes and sits on my lap, can't you?
    16. Chillinator

      I'm afraid I'm not really a big expert on aquatic molluscs, my knowledge goes about as far as eradicating them. I'd ask on one of the bigger snail forums. ;)


    17. babycham2002
      Good luck in your search for a chinese crested. You will definitely find one (a well bred one at that) for under £1000.
      Both of my boys were under £400 admittedly they were bought as adults 10 months and 14 months. But they are delightful and I dont think I have missed out on thier puppyhood. Especially with how notoriously difficult they are to housetrain.
      It seems Dogs are almost always cheaper than bitchs and powderpuffs cheaper than hairlesses but not always. Anyway good luck again on your search
      I really cannot recommend them enough, they are a lovely breed.
    18. danielled
      They are apple snails you have one may be a baby one. I haave a baby one Sammy and a big one Rocky lol.
    19. katie200
      hi how are you and your pets
    20. Devil-Dogz
      Have you left?
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    Rest in Peace Kira (cat)2011
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