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Feb 13, 2011
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Buckinghamshire UK

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PetForums VIP, from Buckinghamshire UK

    1. emmaviolet
      You gotta empty your inbox, miss popular!! x
    2. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Thanks for the rep- I'm glad he's doing well x
    3. CaliDog
      Empty your inbox ;)
    4. CaliDog
      I have the bubbly feeling too! but last night I dont know if I felt a kick or justa big gasy pang was very bizzare. It will be lovely when your hubby can feel babs too. Take it easy at work hunny i know its easier said than done eh! x
    5. CaliDog
      yeah just mention that your feeling tired a lot of the time and am sure they will check its just a blood test, I think I have started feeling movements not too sure, feels like popcorn type pulsey feeling I don't know if its babs though yet? cant wait to feel baby kick!!
    6. CaliDog
      hello again :)
      I know what you mean about the tiredness!! have you have your iron levels checked? my BMI is 30 too, you lucky thing getting another scan, have you had a glucose intolerance test yet for diabetes? am due mine after my holidays. Yep am going to find out the sex I cant wait only 3 more weeks till we know :)
    7. CaliDog
      Heya hunny, how are things going, how's the bump doing? Xx
    8. Meezey
      Urrgh sorry, I did PM GS and apologise previously, I need to break my own fingers sometimes :(
    9. CaliDog
      I have only just seen you left me a visitor message ages ago and I didn't reply :( well you've had the scan now and all was well yay, have you got any names yet? Oh and we need bump photos soon. I bought my first baby item it's in the baby thread :) Hope all is well with you hun xx
    10. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Funny old world. I feel so guilty presenting people with large bills. But the cost of everything needs to be covered by someone!
    11. CaliDog
      Hiya hunny scan went great I have a pic on the trying for a baby thread xx hope all is well with you xx
    12. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Your welcome. Me too.
    13. Picklelily
      Thank you for the rep, I hate to see people condemned by gossip rather than facts.
    14. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep :)
    15. GoldenRetrieverman
      i give her drontal a few weeks ago and i think it made her ill :/ the wormcount isnt much more expensive than wormers too!
    16. GoldenRetrieverman
      No problem, The wormcount itself is much better than worming unnecessarily too!
    17. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Not seen ya around for a few days- How are you and the lovely Millie? x
    18. bearcub
      Thanks for the rep! :)
    19. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep! x
    20. StormyThai
      Well deserved, you only said what a few of us were thinking ;)
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    Buckinghamshire UK
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