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Apr 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2013
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Apr 7, 2015
    1. zany_toon
      Not long now then :D I just saw your thread, 2 days, 2 nights roughly :D Have both mums had litters before?
    2. zany_toon
      Not long then :) Good luck :)
    3. zany_toon
      Rescues don't just come from rescue centres though :) Rescues can be ones you take in from other people who can't keep them anymore, or ones that you find or take in because they have no one to look after them :) Oodles of places.

      How long until your litters are due?
    4. zany_toon
      You might miss baby mice, but think how much more important it will make them when they come along later :) Especially if you rescue mice - a lot of rescues can come to you pregnant so that would be an option :)If you have the space a large cage or bin cage would be great for does - I'm away to put 10 females together from two groups and at some point that group will be increased to 12 :) They all get on really well :)
      Bucks are special :p I think it's a lot to do with many of them having to be kept on their own - I have 3 single males and I love every one of them, one of them loves to run around my room and he jumps into my hand for a quick cuddle. So I'd say if you have the space, definitely keep him :D
    5. zany_toon
      Welcome back :) I saw your thread, just haven't been on in a long time :o I'm glad you decided against breeding - it gives you a lot more time to learn about things and enjoy your pet meeces :)
    6. ForestWomble
      Sorry to hear about your loss.
    7. MerlinsMum
      My rabbits LOVED vine leaves. Didn't try them on mice though.
    8. dave123791
      Back to red
    9. dave123791
      I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about WelshYorkieLover.
    10. ForestWomble
      I really like your photos :)
    11. zany_toon
      Your mice are lovely. I made a thread about my own mice and their cages so feel free to have a look.

      With your cages though, you will need to cover up the bars on the levels - it can really damage a mouse's feet having to walk on bars all the time.
    12. zany_toon
      :p You answered on your own wall :wink5: If you want to carry on a conversation with some one, click on the "view conversation" link next to their posts - it will mean that you don't need to keep visiting the persons page in order to answer what they said to you :)
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