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Sep 17, 2020
Jun 4, 2010
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PetForums Senior, from London

merothe was last seen:
Sep 17, 2020
    1. MCWillow
      I'm so glad you like it, I couldnt resist it when I saw your photo of Humphrey - so beautiful - I hope you and yours have a great Christmas and a wonderful 2012
      Kez x
    2. missye87
      That's why we love them though :D
    3. missye87
      It's quite a funny way for a kitty to sleep :D Frankie used to sleep like that, he was a MC so he would take up half of a double bed! The way they do things can be so funny :D
    4. hobbs2004
      Thanks for the rep hun x

      Hope your little thief is doing alright!
    5. Chez87
      Thanks for that, wouldn't have even thought of software haha! I'm such a novice but really wanting to learn :) It will be my summer project to educate myself after I finish my exams. It all adds up when you have to purchase the manual, the bag, the memory card, the software etc. Thanks for the input. :)
    6. Chez87
      Hiya, I remember a couple of months back you purchased a dSLR? Did you get a 550d? Just as I am a complete novice but looking into splashing out for one myself! Will of course get the dummies guide to go with it! How are you finding it? Easy to use for a beginner do you think?
    7. Taylorbaby
      lol I bet it is! I really want another british, was hoping to keep one back from little ones litter, a blue, but she has had all boys again! IVe really bonded with them though, the partner said if we win the lotto I can keep one lol :p

      I do like the silver british I quite like your smoke boy to!

      I really love the black tipped though I want one!!
    8. Taylorbaby
      Thanks lol! :laugh: it does make me smile! I lvoe your cats by the way! lovely colours! :)
    9. Taylorbaby
      just posted a pic for you on the thread on mine you just replied to...
    10. Kiwi
      Not surprised they get spoilt and wish I could cat sit them for you - they are gorgeous! But I think Sweetie would get jealous ;) Enjoy your snuggles together x
    11. Kiwi
      Just booking in to say hope you are well and have a lovely weekend! :) x
    12. Kiwi
      Thanks for the pic message:) I wish I had a video or knew how to use the one on my phone because her 'loving' her catnip mouse is mega cute! x
    13. springfieldbean
      I know, it still makes my heart thump when I look at it! She's quite a bit bigger now, but still beautiful!

      Your profile pic is the same. Just adorable!!
    14. Kiwi
      I am in love with your cats but don't tell Sweetie! :) x
    15. springfieldbean
      Just have to say, your cats are UNBELIEVABLY gorgeous - I could look at your photos for hours... Thank you for putting them on the site! (I saw your profile pic on one of the threads and had to check to see if you had any more.)

      Do post some more recent ones if you have them!!!
    16. Angelic1
      Adorable cats!
    17. HollyM
      Thanks! He's a little menace....always playing!!
    18. HollyM
      Youre cats are absolutely gorgeous!!
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