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Sep 2, 2020
Jun 24, 2011
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Sep 2, 2020
    1. MinkyMadam
      Absolutely loved the SS gifts. Really appreciate all the effort you went to. I'm not giving them everything at once, so they can properly appreciate them. But Biba has already had many hours of enjoyment from the wand toy - happily playing with it herself when we need a break. It's put a huge smile on our faces today. Thanks again. And incidentally, Merlin is stunning!!
    2. Rafa
      Thank you for my green blob. x
    3. merlin12
      My pleasure :). Merlin keeps pushing his blue rat under the basket and I have to retrieve it for him. I tried to get Bubba shiining balls, I hope those ones light up a bit :)
    4. Quinzell
      Bubba's presents were perfect. But OMG that chocolate! Thank you......you are a star!
    5. Dante
      Thank you very much for the rep :) Merry Christmas!
    6. cheekyscrip
      hola chica...vamos ser amigas?
    7. cheekyscrip
      you look much younger! lucky girl!
    8. cheekyscrip
      you welcome!...you are much younger than I thought ...
    9. spid
      Don't let me put you off. You are doing it the right way, contacting breeders (not starting on a pets forum) and going to see your kitten etc. Try to choose a cattery that is used to exporting. Despite exporting to the US being relatively easy, it's still a hell of a hassle (for the breeder). If you came and picked up your kitten etc that would be a better way to do it. ANd you would be covered by Pet Passport I think, whereas that OP is in the United Arab Emirates - not covered by Pet Passport etc. PLease, don't let me put you off.
    10. MoggyBaby
      Thank you very, very much for my rep Merlin - that was really kind of you. I hope you are having a lovely day. :)

    11. merlin12
      Well, I guess it´s what most of us understood from the post. Probably a number of people who replied have outdoor cats. It just really seemed like you were forcing your cat out. Of course it´s not black or white and writting here shows that you do care about your cat but you also have to try not to jump when people tell you things you dont want to hear. There are members here who have had pregnancy with cats and you could learn a lot from them, instead of attacking when you feel someone is offending you. Two wrongs dont make a right.
    12. Lunalad76
      Aggressive no,but angry yes! I find there's some very hypocritical views on here from people and they only see and read what they want too! As I've just argued with another poster,how on earth do I make my cat see there is nothing to be scared of outside without taking her out there?? I walked around with her in my arms,I stayed out with her so she could see it was ok,and now thankfully she's back to her old ways. If a child didn't want to go to school because he was scared,would you just keep him inside? Of course not!
      What's really annoyed me on here,is that some people are suggesting I don't care for my cat,which if that was the case,why would I even bother coming on here asking for advice?!
      I think unfortunately they're are too many people on here pro indoor cats,and they are so blinkered in there views,that they would argue black is white!
    13. Lunalad76
      negative comments when SHE was the one who hadn't read it properly,so why shouldn't I have a moan at her? Yes there was some good advice eventually,and I'm very grateful for that. But why couldn't people just given nice friendly positive advice from the start??! I suggest maybe you read back through the thread and then put yourselves in my shoes! I think cosmocurry unfortunately some the majority of you people up!!!
    14. Lunalad76
      Really wanted to let this lie,but your post has really infururiated me. I had to take a baron of abuse and insults from a lot of people,but when I respond people don't like it! It seems I was only given positive advice from the likes of rabbitmonster and ang2 after we'd had an argument over negative comments by them! My post was perfectly clear,it stated the age of my cat,my concerns for the stray cat,and that I needed some good advice,but instead I was slated for putting my cat outside against her will! If I was a uncaring not bothered cat owner,then I wouldn't of bothered even asking for advice would I?! Ang2 was the only person thinking my cat was 18 years old,she blamed me for all the
    15. ellsbells0123
      Hi, I got the Mighty Mouse through the cat santaury were I got Bentley, they were £15 each. If you are interested let me know and I will put you in contact with her.
    16. AmberNero
      Hi, I'm so sorry for the delay, I had to give the painting longer to dry, the white highlights of the eyes were wetter than I thought when I started to package it, but it is ready and waiting for the courier now, so it should be with you very soon, again, I am so sorry xxx
    17. AmberNero
      Hello- cats today, still hoping to post it by friday, still working on the Ginger and white cat, but should finish him within the next few hours :) [IMG]
    18. AmberNero
      sorry- I'm not feeling very well today so I'm not on the ball! I just realised you've already sent me ref. pics of your good self, sorry! I think I need another lemsip!
    19. AmberNero
      Thank you for the added info :)
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