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Merlin Birmingham
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May 7, 2011
Apr 4, 2010
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Merlin Birmingham

PetForums Senior

Merlin Birmingham was last seen:
May 7, 2011
    1. sue&harvey
      Hi, good to see you back. :)
    2. jen24
    3. madferrit*
      Hi there just read the warning post, hope its all been dealt with whatever it was cant imagine why anyone would have a go? IQ just north of a bedroom slipper i imagine.
      Glad your not taking them on!!
    4. cheekyscrip
      Dear girl, just not everybody who has an access to the PF is fully tested for their mental health, so any weirdo or somebody clearly unwell may send any kind of messages, think that about 1 percent of any population statictically have a serious issues, some say more, plus add those who get badly affected by any substance abuse, pm and plain constipation...I already feel sorry for the last group...those lonely hours on the loo...there is a dark side to the human nature ... those who are rude on PM are just sad...or just unwell...lots of love from cheekyscrip
    5. rachy86xx
      Hi! just wanted to say I am loving your Merlin website! saw you 'polite warning' post and clicked on the link in that...he is one cool pooch!
    6. willa
      Well i hope those people get dealt with !!

      Yeah i'm ok thanks. espc now Cameron is PM :)
    7. willa
      Just read your Post ! Are u OK ? Why are members being mean to you ?! :(
      thanks for the rep :)
    9. sid&kira
      Apparently so!!

      Oh well.. I figured it could be applied to the next litter... but there ya go lol
    10. GillyR
      aww bless him - give him a kiss from me xx
    11. GillyR
      Hiya mate, how is Merlin doing - love his website btw !!!
    12. madferrit*
      hope Merlin is ok, read your thread about the bee sting -it must have been terrifying for you. hope he's on the mend!
    13. RockRomantic
      your website is adorable!
    14. RockRomantic
      i shall have a little ganders seeing as i'm doing nothing else :( saturday nights just aren't what they used to be
    15. RockRomantic
      i <3 Merlin!
    16. GillyR
      just voted for merlin - he is adorable !!!! good luck.
    17. TobyK9
      love your sig picture, since seeing it, I've tried for ages to get my staffx to do that and he won't lol
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    Keep Up To date with Merlins Adventures Using the Below link To His Website.​

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