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Jun 6, 2013
May 28, 2010
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Essex, UK
Maternity Support Worker

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PetForums Member, from Essex, UK

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Jun 6, 2013
    1. Dante
      Pyrrha thanks you for your kind words :o
      She thinks she's something special because none of the other 3 can type their own blog.. :rolleyes:
    2. hobbs2004
      Lol - the only other thing that is a firm favourite of mine is pure aloe vera gel - helps any skin thing in animals or humans! How is your little mite today? Still improving steadily I hope!
    3. katie200
      awww thats cool socks is cute i know what you mean though when we got smokey after a few weaks we ended up with holly but the really get on and smokey looked happer to have another of his own kind in the house but they dont half run up and down the stairs and night lol your other pets sound cool two ive had rabbits in the passed and my sister had a hamster once but cats are my fav ever since i got my first cat at the age of 7 fluffy he died last year i still miss him loads still
    4. hobbs2004
      Hi - good to hear that the little mite seems to be on the mend! With any luck the pro-kolin paste will arrive soon - it is a great thing to just have in the cupboard; just in case. The other thing is this pet ear thermometre. Someone else pointed it out to me not long ago, and it is now an invaluable item in my cat first aid box. Thermometers Direct Ltd Pet Ear Thermometer
    5. katie200
      hi im katie
      welcome to the fourm
      what sort of pets have you got
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    Essex, UK
    Maternity Support Worker
    Vegan, professional boob wrangler, geocacher, atheist, sceptic, scathing, ranty, mad cat lady in the making. Lover of inappropriate humour, grammar pedantry and fruit. Happily married to an amazing beard. Kindle addict.

    Geocaching, weightlifting, yoga, walking, cooking (and eating!), travel, reading, films, knitting.


    Do not meddle in the affairs of cats, for they are subtle and will p*ss on your computer.

    The Story So Far:
    Spock (2010-2011), who began our love affair with kitties but whose grasp on the green cross code was sadly lacking.
    Icarus (2011-...?), who loves noses more than anything else.
    Mildred (2010-...?), who sings to the birds.

    The twisted brainwrong of a one-off man mental.
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