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Nov 22, 2010
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New Zealand

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PetForums VIP, from New Zealand

    1. Eroswoof
      I wroted you a poem back but I fink your mums turned the pooter off on you :( Every time I look at that picture up there ^ I fink you look just like a perfect cuddly toy :o :blush:

      If you've gone to bed, sweet dreams Kenzie xxxx
    2. Argent
      Hiya, it's not a harness, it's his coat...we got it when he was little, thinking he would stay pretty small but he went and shot up when the snow came so it looks a bit teensy on him for a coat lol. He was actually wearing a harness underneath it, but it was just a rubbish little basic one - he hated it too >.<
    3. danielled
      I told mum just now she said don't reply as if it is still there it could be a troll thing and if it is our hoomans need to give it to a mod thing.
    4. danielled
      Errr Kenzie Diesel here. Is there a hooman on our thread?
    5. Eroswoof
      I saw the hooman :yikes: I turned the pooter off and went to bed at that point because I didn't know what to do :o xxxx
    6. Eroswoof
      Night night Kenzie :Yawn: xxxx
    7. Eroswoof
      :w00t: then you could jump in through the window to me :w00t:

      I'm not sure why he came in :confused: he stole my food :weep: xxxx
    8. Eroswoof
      Straight in through the window :eek: he jumped milessssssss to climb in :eek: xxxx
    9. Eroswoof
      Kenzie :scared: a cat just climbeded in through granddads window :yikes: xxxx
    10. Eroswoof
      Kenzles :001_wub: And think of the poetry they'd write :eek: xxxx
    11. Eroswoof
      :lol: :lol: they're not wisties or westies!!!! They're kinsies :D Bumby comes in pretty much breed standard, especially personality wise. Could we swap some of Bumbys energy for some of Kenzies laid back-ness :w00t: xxxx
    12. Eroswoof
      Just thought you might like a read of this West Highland White Terrier I'm obsessed with reading all pom things :lol: xxxx
    13. ajohnson
      I'm starting to get so excited, just so scared of losing the little bugger because it's going to be so diddy haha xx
    14. ajohnson
      Would probably be much too big for a Chi then! xx
    15. ajohnson
      What type of harness/collar did you use for Kenzie when she was a pup?xx
    16. Eroswoof
      Do you think Buster can show us how to turn the pooter on :confused: Buster's super clever xxxx
    17. ajohnson
      The pup in your display picture is honestly making my heart cry. So adorarararable! xx
    18. Eroswoof
      Kenzie I wroted you a poem but you've goned :crying: xxxx
    19. Eroswoof
      :lol: :lol: how sensitive is yours? I think ours is a bit weird - it makes a noise randomly sometimes :yikes: xxxx
    20. Eroswoof
      Of course I cared! I always will!
      And even more so when I know you're ill
      I'm glad you're not feeling quite so sick
      And glad it was all over quick
      Your last poem made me laugh
      I'm happy you didn't need another bath
      Maybe chicken isn't your friend
      But my friendship will last and never end

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    New Zealand
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