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Jul 25, 2011
Mar 29, 2010
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South London
I work a couple of days in a local opticians

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PetForums Member, from South London

Maz&Oozy was last seen:
Jul 25, 2011
    1. Angie2011
      Hi hun! just a line to ask how you are? and your pooches :) x
    2. saluja3
      I love your beautiful doggies. Gizmo is famous in our house. We watch all his videos and love his pictures on facebook etc. x
    3. Angie2011
      They are both adorible!! :) x
    4. Angie2011
      OMG! just had a look at your baby! ADORABLE! Angie :)
    5. Jackie99
      Thanks for the 'like' appreicated.:)
    6. swarthy
      Many thanks for the rep - although I suspect it hasn't been read by the OP yet :(
    7. Tanya1989
      Thanks for the rep xxx
    8. leashedForLife
      thank U very kindly :) breeding is not to be lightly undertaken, and certainly S/N is the simplest, most goof-proof solution i know of, ATM.
      --- terry
    9. TobyK9
      I really hope we can sort it out!, get the money, team and staff sorted out otherwise this time next year we'll be playing the same death match again :lol: we'll get there in the end :thumbup: just spoken to my relatives who went to the match and they said it got quite nasty in and outside the ground and they were locked in for ages by the police lol Clint got punched by a wednesday fan in the pitch invasion live on the BBC :eek: all happened at that match! :eek6: anyway, my Brother said he stopped off at the services and met an 'old ex palace player' and followed him to the toilets and got him to be in a picture with him, odd place to do it? maybe he was still in shock from the match as I think even the carpark would have been more appropriate than the toilets :lol: still waiting to hear who it was but I'm guessing Armstrong or Salako or someone like that would qualify as a good ex player to meet but I'm really going to laugh if it's Ian Dowie haha :arf:
    10. TobyK9
      lol but how tense were the last 5 mins!!!? I nearly had a heart attack! Wednesday would never had got their first if dippy Butterfield hadn't of missed the ball! der! plonker :rolleyes: :lol: never seen palace invade a pitch before, especialy the pitch of the team that you've just relegated :lol: great match and great result!!! so so glad all over too :thumbup:
    11. TobyK9
      Going to very a very tense match on Sunday, I think that one is going to decide our fate isn't it? Fingers crossed, just a shame it had to be an away match and not at selhurst!
    12. xkimxo
      Hi have only just read your msg, i think ill definatly invest in some baby scissors for his face then, i need to take Boston for a trim soon too as his coats getting quite long now and the weathers getting warmer itll be interesting to see him trimmed too because hes dark colours are growing out and hes more of a ginger/gold colour underneath. Ill put some pics up soon aswell im always taking pics of him doing something silly or cute lol ps Oozy is a really cool name how did you think of that?
    13. lizzyboo
      i think we are going to have to invest in a stairgate. he wont be able to climb the stairs i said.. well two days in and we found him at the top of our stairs looking down lol, also i like to have the back dor open in the summer (its really a side door as we have patio doors to the back garden) so am going to need a stair gate for there too.

      some one told me about peanut butter in the kong but i think radley is too young to have it yet.. dont want him getting the runs!!!!

      where did you get the name oozy for him? radley (obviously) comes from the make of bags lol. maybe i am more like an essex girl than i think pmsl.
    14. lizzyboo
      oo i dont know where corringham is lol. not a seasoned essex-er myself lol. i am originally from up north but have been in essex for about 13 yrs now.... er i guess that makes me more seasoned than i think then lol.

      so what sort of doggie is yours then? he does look really cute.. radley is a right old handful too.. he is worse than a child. i found him in my disheasher last night, i only turned round to grab thr plates off the side to load and in he hopped!!!
      any ways speak soon x
    15. TobyK9
      Hi, he's the same still, I was hoping this morning that he'd improved but it's still the same, just odd how he's still full of energy and acting perfectly happy :confused: oh well, I'll give it a few more days untill I give an extortionate amount of money to the vet for doing nothing lol :lol: best to get him checked though I think. Yeah, still not looking too good on the relegation battle :( fingers crossed now for the last few wins :D
    16. Clare7435
      lol...not just me who made a facebok page for my 2 then...hehe
    17. lizzyboo
      hiya maz&oozy... tried to reply toy uo the other day but my stoopid network thing failed lol.
      yeah we are from essex, we live in colchester, where do your mum and dad live?

      he is ours on our avatar... he is cute but hard work lol. is that your dog in yours?
      lizzy x
    18. xkimxo
      Ahh cool i just had a look at your pics of Oozy hes a beautiful colouring and super cute too :) I think Shih tzus are one of the most friendliest dogs i have ever met, Boston is my first dog and i think i definatly chose the right breed for me. I was wondering though did you trim the hair round Oozys eyes yourself? Boston wriggles so much im scared ill blind him with the scissors so i can only ever manage to trim him a tiny bit when hes sleepy.
    19. Becki&Daisy
      yeah i think she's okay now. she hasnt had an upset stomach before- not even as a puppy! so i was a bit unsure as to how long until i should be worried. wasn't pretty though! pulling mushy poo out of her bum fur was not pretty **gags!** she was fine last night, no incidences since lunchtime yesterday. Hopefully she's better now
    20. Becki&Daisy
      haha oh yes!! Daisy's a pickle!! But that's part of the charm i'm sure you'll agree! :D
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    Home Page:
    South London
    I work a couple of days in a local opticians
    What can I say, well im a married mum of 2 teenagers aged nearly 16 and 18, 1 boy 1 girl, I have 2 love birds and 1 cockatiel, work part time so around loads and I live in South London. We now have a new member of the family call Gizmo Oozy a adorable shihtzu, but we all call him Oozy and love him to bits 100% he was worth the wait!!.

    My hobbies, well long story and hard to explain but basically I collect, Paint and sew for ABJD's (asian ball jointed dolls), these are dolls made from resin with 42 points of articulation, if you want to know more prob best to go to my website or send a pm ^_^
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