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Apr 10, 2015
Nov 2, 2007
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Lancashire, UK

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PetForums VIP, from Lancashire, UK

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Apr 10, 2015
    1. Idontlikecoffee
      Hi, I got him from a breeder Cherie Bailey, she lives near Doncaster, her web site it:

      siamese oriental siamese breeder oriental breeder kittens doncaster south yorkshire siamese kittens oriental kittens stud service siamese stud oriental stud DN5 kittens for sale buy oriental for sale siamese for sale chezscats chezs chezs siamese and

      She's a really lovely lady, and a very caring and responsible breeder
    2. Acacia86
      Lol!! I'll hold you to that! I just love Orientals and Siamese :001_tt1:
    3. Acacia86
      I can dream about a Rags lookylikey! Lol! I hope i find one when i am ready for another cat!
    4. Acacia86
      I really want an Oriental! I am in absolute love with Rags! I really want a Tortie/white! In the next few years i will definately have my dream. Are they quite rare? x
    5. Cherry24

      Glad to see Rags and her babies are doing well. The kittens are gorgeous and ever since I first saw a picture of Rags- I've been head over heels. She is stunning!
    6. Acacia86
      Wow! Your cats are stunning! x
    7. MurphyMoo
      hi i was looking at the picture of toby he is really cute! i love orientals even though i cant spell it lol :)
    8. Taylorbaby
      Ah! I know I have seen your picci before, maybe it was when I was searching the web! SO Gorgeous! :D
    9. Taylorbaby
      wow I lvoe the pic of your cat! do you advertise in your cat mag?
    10. Little-moomin
    11. Little-moomin
      I hope so to, but people on here dont. I can see why, but we love our cats and just because we did not know to worm them, we will now.
    12. Little-moomin
      your welcome! I am actually very captivated by them, they are stunning, and now I really want one! They are one of the most beautiful ones I have seen, especially the brown ones!
    13. Selk67U2
      Ahh Thank You May.
      "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to you:)
    14. minnie
      hi :)
      yes, may is my real name :) i know a little girl who is known as may but realy emily so i suppose i do know another may lol, i think i was named after hawthawn or something like that. I think i've read somewhere that Margaret is sometimes shortened to May lols :)
    15. LousKoonz
      Hope you have had a wonderful Xmas hun, sorry for late reply - so busy here x
      Best Wishes for this year :) xx

      Loadsa Hugs

      Lou xx
    16. Toby & Darwin
      Toby & Darwin
      Gorgeous new bubbas May, hope they are all being good for you. Have a lovely new year, hopefully I will finally catch up with you at a show next year!!! Take care, love Hazel xx
    17. Siamese Kelly
      Siamese Kelly
      Thankyou hun:biggrin:I hope we made you smile a little and hope you to have a fabtastic 2009..i know you will;):biggrin:
    18. Toby & Darwin
      Toby & Darwin
      Thanks May, we did have a lovely time. It was very special as this time last year my husband was out serving in Iraq so we all had a miserable time. This year was great though. Hope yours was good too and you have a great 2009. Love Hazel x
    19. minnie
      thank you :) hope you and your cats have a wonderful 2009 and had a lovely xmas, May xx (seems strange, writing from a May to a May, don't think i've ever done that before lol)
    20. Saynamore
      Aww thanx May. Wishing you all the best with your breeding and showing for 2009. Hope to meet up with you and Ross, hopefully Kels soon at shows in the New Year. Luv C.x.
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