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Mar 23, 2014
May 7, 2009
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Teaching assistant

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PetForums VIP, from Cambridgeshire

Matrix/Logan was last seen:
Mar 23, 2014
    1. Malmum
      Blade is gorgeous, what breed is he because he looks very Mal like around the ears. The spacing is just like a Mals and his coat looks very thick too. Looking at his puppy pics he must have Mal in him - surely!
    2. thedogsmother
      I bet you get stopped on every walk with people asking what breed he is, hes heading for the top of my dogs to steal list Im afraid ;)
    3. danielled
      She sure does.
    4. danielled
      Just seen your post on the I'm back thread. She was rebanned for a reason.:) I know who she was. She wasn't the nicest member. I'm not the only one who has had runnings with her. I'm thinking she may have used a proxy site to get back in and reregister.
    5. chianya
      time def flys when u gotta dog lol. Cant believe how big he is i looked at his pic he is gorgeous. Suki went through a naughty patch around 8 months but dont every dog lol. Yes she is really good im so happy the way she has turned out. The only thing which can be a bit annoyin is that she likes rough play but hasnt yet been able to tell which dogs like it and which dogs dont lol. Bit of a pain when she tries to play with a puppy and lays on them lol
    6. xhuskyloverx
      We got her from stamford in lincolnshire. Her dad was the alaskan malamute too. She was 2 on 28th August last year. All of bellas siblings are similar colouring to her, although all the others are smoother coated whereas shes got quite a long coat. Thanks, alot of people comment on how she looks and assume shes a german shepherd cross. I've never met another like her either when we've out and about.
    7. xhuskyloverx
      Hiya, wow they do look very similar!! Bella is *supposed* to be a malamute x husky but i'm sure there is GSD in her somewhere. Very similar markings. He is very gorgeous though :)
    8. kathleen.sanderson
      we chose the pup because we wanted a girl and for her lovely colouring.

      luv your pics

    9. chianya
      im glad your back i dont have many friends and Missin my support lol. Im all good suki is doing really well its gone so fast she is 18 months now. Bet your puppy is massive now lol how u gettin on
    10. babycham2002
      Missed you, nice to see you :)
    11. chianya
      hi ya havent seen any posts 4 a while hope all is well. Missin my backup lol
    12. H0lly
      Hello, hope you are well, Was thinking that haven't seen you post for a while, Hope you and the furbabies are all well :)
    13. Tanya1989
      Lol... Donna has the mexican hairless she would have been the lady she spoke to. I was going to go but I;m in hospital lol :D
    14. R freeman
      R freeman
      hi sharon i have actually got on here st last i have had trouble logging in
    15. Haley
      Hi hun, thank you for your message. I haven't been on the site for a while now, decided to pop in today. I can't beleive it's been 2 months since we let our girl go. It's still very hard and we miss her so much. I have good and bad days, think of her all the time. Hope all is well with you x
    16. Bexy
      Glad Blade enjoyed the beech, Trigger likes it so long as the tide is out as the waves scare him lol He is good, just your typical pup but he responds well to training and loves every dog and person he meets. How is Blade, I bet with Logan & co he is being taught well : )
    17. Bexy
      Just seen your pics of BLade at 6 and 12 weeks. Blade is like Trigger and he gets even more handsome as he gets older- he is a wee cracker : )
    18. y2klovebug
      Hi, thank you for the tip!
    19. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      No, Angus is just like one of my children. Wouldn't give him up for the world hehe x
    20. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      Your Quote "Don't forget every pair os trousers that now have a poo bag in the pocket, every pair of trousers with teeth pulls on the bottom, furniture with little ''wood worm'' holes in (teeth shaped), trainers with now very short laces!!!!"

      I found your quote funny too, because I've had to put new laces on my trainers lol. My boys school jumpers and trousers have tiny holes all over them too. hehe x
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    Teaching assistant
    I worked as a veterinary nurse for 8 years, then at Scampers petcare and dog training centre with Charlie Clarricoates for 6 years after that, now am owned by a fantastic lab X rescue dog and a 10week old GSD pup.

    My dogs, guinea pig breeding (very small scale, 2 sows!!)


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