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May 13, 2014
Aug 28, 2013
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Briancon France
runs a holiday company.

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PetForums Member, from Briancon France

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May 13, 2014
    1. MariaB
      Hi Chris, sorry I've only just got this. I'm not very good at navigating the site yet!

      How old was Heidi when her ears did stand up? I just don't think Jaques has enough
      cartilage in his ears :( . Seriously though, it doesn't matter. He looks cute however his ears are!

      I have never had a small dog before and for a few weeks after bringing him home I wondered if we had done the wrong thing. He's changed all of that now. I have never seen a personality like it :)

      Thanks for sending me a welcome note.
    2. ourchris
      Hi Maria,
      Nice to have another Prague Ratter owner on here. I have a girl, Heidi, and she is also a little bigger than she should be, but I think this is the norm in a lot of breeds (i.e. whippets). When she was a pup one ear was up and one down and then one day both ears were up and have been ever since! So there is hope for Jaques ears yet....
      Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and welcome.
      Kind regards,
    3. MariaB
      We are from southern France and we recently brought home a Prague Ratter puppy. Never having had a tiny dog before (we have always been big dog owners), this is all very new.

      Jaques is a little rascal! In the three weeks we have had him he has been camping twice, been in the backpack whilst we climbed some mountains and met and socialized with litereally hundreds of adults and children. We want him to be a well socialized and adventurous dog and we want him to share our wonderful life to the fullest.
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    Home Page:
    Briancon France
    runs a holiday company.
    This is us and as you will see, we are totally bonkers!

    Happily married to a wonderful guy.

    We come from West London but have lived in southern France for just over a year. We are both animal lovers. Dogs we have had (for their lifetime) is a lurcher and a border collie. We have also owned cats, chickens, ducks and horses.

    We now have a young chap called Jaques who is a Prague Ratter. His ears don't stand up like they should and he is going to be too big for his type but who cares! he's adorable and he knows it.

    We also have 5 children. The youngest is 17 and the oldest is 25.

    Our main hobbies are rock climbing and mountaineering. We are both keen cyclists, though I'm not overly keen on long steep hills!. I used to be a horse eventer and a very keen dressage rider but I had an accident that set me back in my riding career. I still ride when I can but I have sold my own horses on.
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