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Aug 28, 2017
Nov 29, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from Sittingbourne,Kent

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Aug 28, 2017
    1. StormyThai
      haha Thank you for the welcome :D
      You have reminded me that I need to do a hammock order soon :lol:
    2. A R 3
      A R 3
      Hi Matley
      Just wanted to say thanks about Flo and antibiotic stuff :)
      She seems to be on the mend, slowly which is good but hopefully it will clear up soon!
      Anyway Thankyou!
    3. DumboRatLove
      Hi are you maltey on prickly critterz forums?
    4. DumboRatLove
      i am allergic to my rats- and may have problems with my athsma so might not be able to keep them (there is a thred) i cant believe it. :'(
    5. DumboRatLove
      i might get no 7 rat rations complete mix i can afford 1kg, more than in reggie rat. i can do buying online because i got upgraded thingy. would that + extra be good
    6. DumboRatLove
      what is a moderator? what do they do
      would harrisons banana brunch+ rat nuggets do for a base mix thing if i add pasta, leftovers etc- it is on rat rations (only thing I could afford was trhe banna brunch)
    7. finacard
      Hello Maltey. I read your post on the forum about the dust levels in Finacard. I don't know when you purchased the bale but recently we have made changes and the dust levels are much much lower. I would like to send you the new type Finacard bale for you to check it out. Please contact me on finacard@btinternet.com. Thanks
    8. neash98
      ok do you think it would be worth getting both and mixing together?
    9. neash98
      hello, that website you showed me, is No.2 the mix i should use?
    10. B3rnie
      Well you got an answer :rolleyes:
    11. B3rnie
      Be interesting if you get an answer lol
    12. B3rnie
      You can hide being online, so just because they don't look like they are there doesn't mean they aren't lurking somewhere :o
    13. B3rnie
      Depends which mod picks it up, it just alerts mods to the post so a mod had to make the decision to actually lock it.
    14. B3rnie
      Just thought message a mod and ask why it was locked, I think you have a right to know as it was your thread...
    15. B3rnie
      I don't think it breaks forum rules, so I suspect an rfuk'er reported it :(
    16. B3rnie
      Why did your thread get locked?
    17. DumboRatLove
      i think they came while we were out, and they are at the post office :( but i am getting them on saturday
    18. DumboRatLove
      thats great maltley, thank you so much
    19. DumboRatLove
      thank you maltley, it is great that it will be posted so soon because i am getting the rats on sunday. i cant wait
    20. DumboRatLove
      yes you can choose the outer fabric, i will have hearts on the inside
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    Courtney and the girls:
    18 toothy rodents
    1 spiky rodent
    1 spiky dragon!

    Makesphere:My sewing blog!
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