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Nov 16, 2009
Apr 11, 2009
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Poole, Dorset
Job hunting a the mo following redundancy from Fin

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PetForums Senior, from Poole, Dorset

Malaguti was last seen:
Nov 16, 2009
    1. ShannonLouise.
      Hey :)
      Sorry im wayy too late, you last sent me a message like months ago. I Havnt been active for ages.
      You sent the message "Your babies are adorable!!! Drop them off at mine next time you want a holiday lol"
      Haha, well thanks! And ive just come back from holiday, My mum looked after all 3 they were so scared as it was there first time going to a different home for 2weeks!
      But ill take that in mind that u want then next time aha! :) x
    2. kittykat
      Oh thats good news, I was getting a bit worried as you havent been on! lol The kitties seem to like the heat, not like me though! Speak soon! :)
    3. kittykat
      hiya, any news on Smudge? Hope shes OK :)
    4. kittykat
      Thanks for the blobby! I love the picture albums of smudge & tigger! :)
    5. hayleyb
      thanx for those links i shall have a browse. we also have the da bird altho its more like da dead bird now. ive gettin some attatchments for that so he'll get them and ii was thinkin bout gettin him a tank or fire engine. not sure if youv seen them

      Cardboard Fire Engine Cat Toy by Cat Playhouse-Interactive-Pets at Home: Buy Pet Supplies from our Online UK Pet Shop

      its strange im gettin excited for his birthday buyin presents and he'll not have a clue lol. still i wudnt feel rite if i didnt get him anythin he he
    6. hayleyb
      aww thankyou. he is very similar to tigger who obviously loves his foto taken and is a rite poser he he. well the fish went down really well. oh was sceptical coz sheldon's not a toy cat but he loved it. i was curious bout the catnip so ill try and get a spray. also from your recomendations (im not stalkin you honest) we got a catnip mouse which he jst turned his nose up at. strange lol.

      let me no if you have any other suggestions lol his bday in a month so lookin for presents for him. he he.
    7. sequeena
      Haha you'll love it here then!!
    8. Pamela
      Hi we used to live in New Milton Hampshire. would love to go back.
    9. Poppy09
      You have some gorgeous cats! Noticed you were in Poole Snap!!
    10. danielled
      It was very hgard to tell you about him. Do you want to hear a funny story about me and Toby?
    11. danielled
      I had a 3 year old male cat called Toby. He was my best friend, the only friend I ever had. Nearly 2 months ago he was run over and died. He probably died due to an internal injury because there wasn't a scratch on him. I loved Toby. Nobody will let me talk to them about what happened. They won't listen. Toby was my little angel.
    12. skisoph86
      Lol, gotta love our stripy kitties :p
      Is smudge the neighbours cat?! We have 2 cats next door who love to visit i'll have to get some pics up of them!
    13. Pumpkin
      Hey Malaguti, you were totally right.... That site is very addictive lol. x
    14. WittyKitty
      hello :) thankyou for your message. Yes, my OH had a week off of work so we were busy busy busy and he wouldn't really appreciate the amount of time I spend online anyway :p
      I hope HRH is well and you too ofcourse ;)
      Waffles is a little under the weather. She has been sick a few times and she is a little off of her food. I am going to keep a very close eye on her and then take her to the vets. I have a feeling it might be the hot weather though :(
    15. kittykat
      You're welcome :)
      I had 2 cats that sprayed and it was vile! lol
      I was the same as you at first though, wasnt sure what I should be sniffing for!
    16. LadyRedLainey
      lol! i am to, just lately been brave enough to send them
      Your welcome, and thanks for accepting.
    17. WittyKitty
      oh well I am glad you both liked it ;) it is funny when they look for the other cat :p
      whenever I play that clip Waffles looks at me all wearily as if to say 'you are not trying to get to meow AGAIN are you you crazy lady!' haha!
      Anyway, have a good day :)
      PS you should get some clips up of Tigger 'speaking'
    18. WittyKitty
      hello :) I have this clip of Waffles on youtube though I would send it to you and Tigs :)

      YouTube - Kitten Meowing

      Excuse my stupid voice :|
    19. WittyKitty
      haahaha that caption you wrote on the fridge picture is brilliant :) I'l tell that to OH later ;)
    20. WittyKitty
      heheh you silly billy ;)
      I have added the picture to the Waffles album on my profile. It isn't great quality though so probably why it didn't get through :) but I like it.
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    Poole, Dorset
    Job hunting a the mo following redundancy from Fin
    Looking after my lovely Tigger, listening to audiobooks, Pet Forums, exploring the dorset countryside with my OH at weekends.
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