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Oct 16, 2011
May 4, 2010
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Oct 16, 2011
    1. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      yeah but they look like drawings, we've had several since getting Buster but when we rescued Millie thought we'd get some more. They are very good photographers and all entrants get entered into the competition
    2. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      if you look up the dog prtrait company they visit pet shops Nationwide. Free sitting and we paid £75 for a framed pic (12 x 10) and 6 small prints (7 x 5)
      He definately gets regular squeezes ;)
      It's lovely when they first get to romp in the snow. He is just a big wooly Mammouth, the tumbleweeds of fur in my house are epic lol.
      Awwww thanks for the comment, he still looks like a baby in that picture, he loves the snow :)
    6. Rubyrubes
      I know its so frustrating....the amounts of upset tums Tillys had- ive lost count! She wasnt interested in her brekkie so will forget her lunch and just feed her tonight,see if shes hungry by then. Tilly is crated and no probs at all, she knows nwhen its bedtime,she gets in by herself and cuddles down, im sure Elsie will be ok with door shut esp as shes happy to sleep in the on her own accord? Just might get her out the habit of chewing the door! I imagine she would give the perspex a chew too as its where she likes chewing right now,but you could try and see she may just get bored and leave it!!
    7. Rubyrubes
      Tilly is having the duck and rice, all seems ok and shes been having bits mixed in for over a week now,im increasing the Skinners now but she has diarrhoea again and was sick last night,arghhhhh not sure if its the Skinners thats set her off again or the fact shes drinking every muddy puddle she can find right now! Hopefully it'll settle and she will be ok!
      Naughty Elsie eating the door,lol,I'm sure you will break that habit once shes crated again!
      Glad shes enjoying her Skinners btw.
      Elaine xx
    8. Rubyrubes
      Hiya! Just wondering if Elsie is enjoying the Skinners? I have been mixing very small amounts of Skinners to Tillys current food (cos of her sensitive tum,dont want to upset it!) and so far so good, samples have been used up so bought a 2.5 kg bag of Skinners so going to start adding more and change her onto it fully hopefully in about a week or so,need to finish the fish4dogs so prob bout a weeks worth left!
      Really hope she likes it on its own too, she gobbles it up mixed in!

      Elaine xx
    9. Allana
      Aww thanks, not long now till we go pick him up! So excited!!! xx
    10. springerpete
      Hi, hows the little one coming along, no problems I hope.
    11. Rubyrubes
      Tilly is on fish4dogs, seems to like it and eats it all but would like to get her on a meaty one, put her on a fish based one cos of her tummy probs. I'm looking at Arden grange and Skinners right now, just get so confused when it comes to dog food!! Maybe the latest tum upset is cos we took her to the beach yesterday and she was splashing around in the sea! Her tum is sooo sensitive i think it may have set it off again, but still going to get a few samples off to the vet as dont want to ignore it again incase she has a problem that needs treating.
      Tilly has dug a few holes in our garden too, little monkeys arent they?! Tilly has lost loads of teeth and luckily not caused her any probs, that all she needed added to her tummy probs!!
      How many walks a day do you take her on and how long are they? Now Tilly is off the lead she is getting so much more exercise, its great seeing her jump and bound around and she loves to chase butterflies or flies, lol!!!
    12. Rubyrubes
      Hiya :)

      Tilly has been good thanks, went about a week and a half with perfect poos :lol: eating well etc....until today, came down and she'd been a little sick outside her cage then ran out in garden and lots of soft/runny poo :( so frustrating as we were beginning to think we were getting somewhere! We saw little bit of blood and mucus in it too so have got a sample to take to vets, they want a few more samples to compare so need to collect that over the course of today (not nice!). Tilly seems fine in herself so hopefully that will continue :thumbup: Once the samples get sent off and tested we will hopefully get to the bottom of her problem as i do think its a recurring one as its so on and off,usually once or twice a week we see soft/runny poo :frown:

      Sorry for the ramble.......how is your lovely little pup getting on? growing by the day i bet! Out of interest....what food is she on?
      Elaine xx
    13. smudge.rimmer
      Hi, thanks for that, it is so hard isnt it, she is very similar in temperament to the springers...full of beans and bitey haha!whats hard is that a loud noise will distract her but then she learns that she has heard that noise and it no longer has an effect...i have ruin out of noises haha..she is nearly 4 months now and i see lots of improvement but she is teething now and my arms and legs really feel sore now :( saying that tho she seems to listen to me better than my oh, prob because i am not working so i am cheif player/walker!
      has elsie lost any teeth yet? i bet she is very cute tho, that profile pic is adorable, that is just how smudge sits when my partner had to carry her,!
      thanks so much for your message tho it really helps when other people tell you what they are doing and how they are managing!
    14. springerpete
      Hi, Glad to hear things are going well,. I agree, you're probably expecting a bit too much in a youngster. Trouble is with pups one day they do everything right and you think,'We've cracked this' and the following day it all goes pearshaped. We've all been there. On Brackens first day on the shoot I was asked very politely to put him back on his lead 'till he calmed down. I'd spent weeks training, steadying him to game, ensuring myself that he wasn't gun shy,stopping to the whistle etc. I really thought all was as good as it could be, untill I let him loose amongst 15 other spaniels, he went loopy. A half hour spent on his lead just watching settled him down and he was fine again. Remember, pups have good days and bad days just like us and if an aspect of training is not going well, go back to something you know she can do, give her a fuss and end the session for a while, you must try and finish on a good note. Good luck.
    15. springerpete
      Hi, How are things with Elsie and yourself? I expect she;'s growing a bit now, you know I really envy all you people with young dogs to bring on, I'm missing the buzz of watching it all come together, it's been a long time since I had that pleasure. Good luck with her, Pete
    16. TheJockess_&_WeeAngus
      Aw thanks hun - Elsie's beautiful too, her face markings are very similar to Angus' x
    17. henry
      Thanks for friend request - my first one!!! (lol!!)
    18. henry
      Thanks - so is Elsie! How are you getting on with her? Is she OK now after her sting? What food do you feed her, by the way?
    19. Spaniel mad
      Spaniel mad
      I actually have 4 Springers lol
    20. Werehorse
      Very cute is the answer to that! :-) Elsie is just gorgeous. Is she pure Springer?
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    Currently living in Southampton with my partner, we have a hamster called Billy, a guinea pig called Archie and now looking forward to a new member of our family on the 4th June, Springer Spaniel puppy Elsie! It will be nice to have another female in the house!


    maizie0_0 :

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