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May 4, 2011
Jun 27, 2009
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May 4, 2011
    1. sullivan
      Glad there settling down a bit. x
    2. sullivan
      Its a hard one because generally they will get on as there only young. but it is normally easier if there from the same litter. As they get older you may find the will not tolerate each other the nearer the age they get to breeding age which is young in guinea pigs. Have they got there own hidy places to go to get out of each others way. Boars are harder to keep together if there not from the same litter and some donnot accept other boars later on. Ours didnt thats why we ended up with a female and had him neutered. This can help with yours to get them neutered but then you run the risk of trying to get them back in together when one has been removed all day for surgery. If one is more dominate than the other and the weaker one is backing down its better as you the have a alpha male . Your trouble may be if the other weaker male as he gets older reacts to the other male you may find they then fight. Theres nothing saying that you cannot separate them and house the separeatly but you will have to spend alot of time with them so they remain happy and have company. I have before had a lone boar as he wouldnt accept either male or female but of course it means 2x cages etc. See how things go it may be as there trying to settle into there own surroundings and get there own pecking order. If they start to teeth chatter loundly lunge and bite and have hair raised along the back and on the back of there neck then i would separate or you will have severve injury. Dont ever separate yourself if fighting with out cloves ive learnt the hard way they will not realise its you. Keep me posted.
    3. sullivan
      Hope you enjoy your guinea piigs have had a few over years only have the 2 at the momment but there so sweet and full of character. Are your make{boars} or girls {sows} . I have one of each but my males been sorted mine are now over 4 so are getting older now.
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