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Jan 8, 2012
Sep 17, 2009
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Nail Tech

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PetForums Senior, from Manchester

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Jan 8, 2012
    1. alaun
      That's great that she's feeling better. When do you go back tot he vets? Xx
    2. alaun
      How's your little girly doing?
    3. rocco33
      Thanks for the rep :)
    4. alaun
      Vet said we should wait until 8 week Xray before we do anything. We're gonna take her for hydrotherapy too. A friend runs a pool and she has wolfhounds so I expect it will be able to cater for her. She has a check up next week too.
    5. alaun
      That's great news bless her. I've started to let Ripley walk around our small yard off lead and without the other dogs so she doesn't get giddy. She's walking absolutely fine - no sign of a limp. I've ordered some new dog beds too - tuffies witha fleece cover - that should make her really comfy.
    6. alaun
      No I don't remember lol. Ripley is fine - she looks great and her hair is beginning to grow back. How's Izzy?
    7. alaun
      I'm sure you'll be fine. Do you have a crate? That might make it easier to keep her calm. Kongs have been a godsend to me - and bones. xx
    8. alaun
      That's great- I'm glad she's okay. I she at home already?
    9. rona
      Hope everything is ok
    10. alaun
      Any news on Izzy yet?
    11. alaun
      Good I'm glad you're okay. I guess she'll be staying in for a few days? My vet didn't bandage the hock so that the skin would be less damaged - it did result in a swollen hock but with a little massage it went down very quickly. Keep me updated hope she's okay. Ripley's fine, she's busy tucking in to a big meaty bone - so I think she feels a bit like a princess at the moment. Take care, let me know xx
    12. alaun
      That's great news - you'll see a change really quickly. Are you going to add your experiences to the diary? Hope you feel better soon xx
    13. alaun
      How did it go at the vets?
    14. alaun
      I just saw the update, I'm so glad her results came back good. Happy birthday Izzy - my pups just turned 1 last monday too (pics in dog chat).

      I felt much better reading about Alfie and Amber too. Before I'd read anything I thought a cruciate op was one of the biggest disasters that could happen to a dog - especially a giant. But it hasn't been at all - in fact it's been dead easy so far. She's bored, but compared to limping for the rest of her life, that's no big deal.

      If I hadn't have seen pics of Amber's shaved leg I would have been shocked by how much hair they take off - but as you can see by my pics, the scar is not huge. It probably won'y look too bad on Izzy either as she's short haired.

      Let me know how you get on on wednesday. Axx
    15. alaun
      Thanks for your messages on the thread. I'm sure you'll see a marked difference in Izzy when she has hers. How old is she?
    16. alaun
      Ripley's fine thanks - she seems quite happy to sleep all day - that's wolfies for you.Xx
    17. alaun
      Hi, hope Izzy is feeling okay today. Ripley has just had the TTA op so I can empathise. Xx
    18. jen24
      Hiya, im very well thank you, how are you? xx
    19. jen24
    20. $hAzZa
      ya welcome :)
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    Nail Tech
    i'm 30, married with 2 monsters(my lovely boys!!)
    Own Izzy, a SBT who is the sweetest thing!
    Love speaking to people on here, when they take any notice of me that is!!

    reading, walking spending time with the family and going out with friends for food films and drinking!!
    I'm a great listener but love to talk too :-D


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