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Jun 7, 2020
Nov 21, 2008
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Dec 7, 1983 (Age: 37)

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Jun 7, 2020
    1. CatzEyes
      Morning thanks for the pics he is adorable and getting so big.
      You should let her watch him for a few, it's important for you two to have some alone time.
      I still have not sent any pics but I will, I'll try today.
      Hope all is ok today xx
    2. CatzEyes
      Well hello there, and u poor thing, sorry u are having such a tough time. Motherhood is definitely one of the hardest jobs there is. I was lucky with my girls when they started teething, they both went through it like champs.
      We are alright trudging through, been pretty tough financially. Amber has pretty much moved out, unless ger friends lose there place today she won't be back. It's best thus way. On her own she can get more help from the government. Babies are growing up and fast. I will try to email you some pics. Did you ever send me some new ones. I'm terrible about checking my email.
    3. CatzEyes
      Morning, it's Friday. Our weather has been pleasant this last week which was good cause it gave us all a chance to on thaw lol, suppose to get cold though for the weekend.
      The programs out here are tough and their rules suck, what help is available and it's there it's jar tough to get.
    4. CatzEyes
      Hey there been a few days since I heard from u hope everything is ok. All good here I guess, just about to head to work ughhh, middle of the week all down hill from here lol xx
    5. CatzEyes
      Morning, Monday again grrrr lol
      Did u gave a good weekend. A bit warmer than it has been, at least I didn't freeze my arse off coming on this morning.
    6. CatzEyes
      There is assistance but it's a lot harder to get, since she is under 23 and living at home they say we are still financially responsible for her, plus the programs are not as good as they are there.
      We have not had enough snow but it has been freezing
    7. CatzEyes
      Crazy how u wait all year for that time off then when u get it your ready to go back funny isn't it. I find a few days off is good any more time at home and I would go nuts lol
      I certainly hope next Christmas is better, we just need Amber to get some income coming in, supporting her kids is killing me. I did not make no resolutions this year just goals, get a house, get a cell phone and get Amber on her feet.
    8. CatzEyes
      Happy new year to u as well. Ours was quiet as well, didn't even drink. Did stay up past midnight though, was the only one who did in my house. U back at work now.
    9. CatzEyes
      Morning, hope u r enjoying your time off. Any plans for new years eve. Not sure myself, depends on whether I have to work or not.
      I'm so glad this week is over, seems like it's been a long one even though I had an extra day off. Think it's because it's been so slow at work because of the extreme cold we've had this week, a lot of the construction workers haven't worked.
      Well I don't talk to u before new years, have a safe and happy one. xx
    10. CatzEyes
      Hope u have a wonderful day xx
    11. suzy93074
      Merry xmas hun hav a fab day...hugs for baby daniel xxxx:)
    12. CatzEyes
      Morning, glad u r getting some time off, bet u exhausted between lil man and work. Pretty much ready for Christmas, might get a few more things today after I get paid and got to wrap everything.
      Man work is dead, hoping it will pick up soon.
      Did u have a good weekend xx
    13. CatzEyes
      Happy Friday... I was in the middle of responding to u yesterday when my iPod died on me grrrr lol
      Ready for your time off. Hard to believe it's been a year since your first scan.
    14. CatzEyes
      Morning lol...some r louder than others, carlee is the big mouth amongst our 3.
      That's really to bad about your family, I totally understand. Amber is the same issue with Carlos' mom and brother, since Carlos has been gone, about 7 or 8 months now she has only seen the kids twice.
    15. CatzEyes
      Hey there, ummm I am of the same feeling this year, don't have as much to spend, this has been a tough year all around.
      Everyone is ok, some days are better than others. How's the little one
    16. CatzEyes
      Morning how r u and the family. Did u have a good weekend.
      Everything ok this end at least no new drama lol.
      U all ready for Christmas. I still have not done no shopping.
      This your last week of work, bet u looking formto a break.
      Well I'm off to work. xxx
    17. CatzEyes
      Oh yeah duhhhhhh lol Happy Birthday
      Sounds like you have a busy planned, I would love to get out, seems like we don't do anything anymore OH has gotten lazy
    18. suzy93074
      yeah that will be a nice treat for him :) he will love it :) bet u excited to have crimbo wiht him being a little bit older ;) xxx
    19. CatzEyes
      Yes it is getting tough to deal with all the time, need another vacation from home lol.
      No plans it's suppose to get really cold and we are finally suppose to get snow. How bout you
    20. suzy93074
      he is deffo a big un ;) does he sleep well in the night??
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    Dec 7, 1983 (Age: 37)


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