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Nov 30, 2016
Sep 25, 2009
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Nov 30, 2016
    1. SixStar
      What a pain! It's with the cooking oils rather than the supplements and health oils - is that where you were looking?
    2. SixStar
      Good luck, let me know how you get on with it! :)
    3. SixStar
      I buy the Groovy Food one from Sainsburys - it's organic and extra virgin, which offers the most benefits. It's not an oil as such, or capsules, but rather a solid lard-type substance in a jar - Jake gets a heaped teaspoon daily, he loves it and will eat it like a treat. It melts at body temperature, and when he is a bit itchy and dry, I apply it like a lotion to his skin too.
    4. SixStar
      Hi - it's funny you should say that actually as I've recently taken Jake off it because it didn't seem to be giving the same good results - I had just presumed his body had gotten used to it. We're on coconut oil now - given in food and applied topically - and so far, so good!
    5. sailor
      Thank you very much, I think you was Sailors number one fan with your many endeavours in wanting to dognap him, I think he would have loved you xXx
    6. SixStar
      Just seen that you're having good results with the Starflower oil - fab news! :D
    7. SixStar
      Hmm, tricky one! Best I can think of, considering Skinners and Autarky are out, is WorkingHPRs duck & potato - it's £53 for 2 x 15 kg, so a fiver a sack over budget, but it's grain free so might help get some weight on since there'll be less waste. Or if the budget is strict, then CSJ Complete Tripe - it's £20.80 a sack, and has a shocking amount of grain, but it's wheat free at least, and the tripe might help pack a bit of weight on.

      And of course, as you know, raw can be dirt cheap is sourced right so that might be an option.

      When my greyhounds came to me they were very underweight and I used Lactol (puppy milk) to help bulk them up and it worked well, combined with four small meals a day. That might work out to be a bit out of budget for your friend though?

      Hope you managed to find something, let me know if you do! Also good to keep up to date with the budget options available :)
    8. SixStar
      Yep - we tried all the usuals - salmon, cod liver, vitamin E and evening primrose oils as well as Yumega, Yumega Plus, Dorwest mixed vegetable tablets (not all together obviously!) - all with little success. It was the vet that recommended Viacutan Plus capsules actually, and I was a little sceptical, but got to admit they worked wonders.

      The main ingredient of Viacutan Plus is listed as borage oil - one I hadn't heard of, and when I went to do some research into it I discovered it's just another name for starflower oil :o He's been off the Viacutan and on the starflower caps for about a month now and still all good - the Viacutan was £9 for 60 tablets which he needed 3 of daily, and he only needs 1 starflower capsule daily, and they're £10 for 180 like I say - so bit of a bargain really! :D I'd definitely recommend them.
    9. SixStar
      £50 for the set? Goodness is that what it is now?! It was £15 for the set when I had it for Alfie - admittedly that was about eight years ago now - but still, worth every pence of that fifty pounds considering how well it works. Sad but true what you say about most vets.

      Is Novak your boy who suffers with dry skin too, who has the Yumega? Just thought I'd let you know incase it interests you - my Jake had been on Vicutan Plus capsules for about a year for his dry skin (not itchy, just dry and flaky), but have recently swapped to pure Starflower oil capsules from Healthspan - tenner for 180 capsules and they're amazing - starflower is the main ingredient in the Yumega anyway (I think? is in the Viacutan Plus anyway) so just exactly same stuff for much less :D
    10. SixStar
      It makes you wonder why it isn't prescribed by vets really doesn't it?
    11. SixStar
      :thumbup: Fantastic!! I'm so pleased :D:D
    12. SixStar
      No, don't you dare! You stay as you are! :D
    13. SixStar
      You're welcome - I think I've repped you more than any of the other members put together but you always seem to say excatly what I am thinking! :lol:
    14. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Think you very much for the rep, glad it gave you a chuckle!!
    15. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your very welcome :D x
    16. emmaviolet
      thats ok, i didnt find out about them until recently!
      hope you and yours are ok!
    17. SixStar
      Sure no problem, I'd be glad to help :)
    18. pogo
      Haha! thanks :D
    19. hobbs2004
      Oh I see, sorry. Yes, loads of double standards on here and a large dose of nepotism. Has had it for the two years I have been here now and no doubt will continue having it.

      Glad to hear that you are all well. All good here too thanks!
    20. hobbs2004
      Hey hun, just saw your last post on the bloat thread. Don't let yourself be riled by a troll. Hope you and your mum are well!
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