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Sep 24, 2018
Jul 28, 2012
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May 8
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coastal north yorkshire

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PetForums VIP, Female, from coastal north yorkshire

owns a Chorkie, 4 Prague Ratters, soon to be 5 Prague Ratters. Jun 6, 2015

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Sep 24, 2018
    1. Zaros
      You're welcome chuck.

      I believe the Sar's head you used in the twisted picture of the woodcutter belongs to one of our Dogs. If I'm correct he is known as Baba Kai. :)
    2. cheekyscrip
      nooooooo......we all speak Queen's English, no? Entonces vale...si?

      I can speak llanito...:)..and glad you like Gibraltar...
    3. Goblin
      Thanks for the rep :)
    4. Luz
      Cheers Louis,
      I bought the goody bags and sample packs when fish 4 dogs had an offer on. Abi loves Salmon Oil Daisy won't touch anything that has salmon oil on! They love fish jerky but don't like the star treats. Am going to try the sardine 4 dogs tomorrow as I have a sample. If they could choose they would eat Tesco Value Ham, cooked chicken, Iams and Whiskas! And they would have diarrhoea most of the time!
    5. lipsthefish
      Hi Lindsay
      Our two are not that fussy but Angel has a very sensitive tummy so even though she would like to eat everything she can't! She can't have chicken, turkey, lamb or beef so it doesn't leave much! We have them both on Burgess supadog sensitive, salmon and rice flavour, Angel won two 12.5kg sacks of it earlier this year so it was ideal. They don't have set meal times, they just graze through the day, like your dogs they would eat it but there was no excitement, I came upon the fish4dogs salmon oil by chance one day so ordered that, I put half a teaspoon on their food every day, it goes a really long way and now they absolutely adore the food. On the fish4dogs website under gifts they have a dogs for the disabled goody bag which has the salmon oil in and loads of treats for £4, the salmon oil is normally that price alone and they also give £1 to charity. I would definitely try the salmon oil if you haven't already, take care, Louise xx
    6. iheartmagpies
      Thanks Luz. You have been nice to me on my post.
      I have a baby girl :)
      We got the imported pup and she's amazing.
      She's called Lola and asleep on my knee as I type this ^_____^
    7. thronesfan
      Yep, books and TV! It took me ages to finish Crows - I couldn't get into it as much as some of the other books. So it's not just you!
      GRRM needs to crack on with the next book because after reading A Dance With Dragons I need to know what happens next!
    8. muse08
      Hi,i have been looking into this myself as i intend to get my pug boys scored at the end of the year.
      Appparently you can just take your dog to your own vets and he will examine its knee caps and asess movement etc.youl need a patella scoring form though and your vet may not have one of these.
      here is a link ,it isnt specifially for your breed but it has info on it and you can download the form to take to the vets with you.
      Breed Health
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    May 8
    Home Page:
    coastal north yorkshire
    married with 2 adult sons, 5 dogs, 1 cat, 1 goldfish.

    reading, cycling, travel, dogs.


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