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Feb 8, 2021
Dec 30, 2009
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Feb 8, 2021
    1. DogLover1981
    2. happysaz133
      I met one of your lovely pups yesterday whilst at the vet with my dog. His name is Geo and they live in Sutherland, and he is absolutely stunning!! I'd seen photos of your dogs, but never met an ES in the flesh, they are lovely. :)
    3. moggiemum
      congrats in order i hear , havent seen the thread just the where is everyone post just now , seen in visitor comments it went ok , well done , u prob getting some rest now i hope
    4. JAChihuahua
      Just wanted to wish you good luck!
    5. emmaviolet
      Aw you are very welcome.
      Congrats on such a wonderful litter. I really cannot believe she had just had the pups by looking at her, she looks wonderful! A credit to you.:)
    6. Julesky
      Beautiful dogs- had never heard of them before- just stunning :)
    7. abbay22
      Hi, im not sure if im correct but a dog of yours works for middlesbrough madhatters? Is it possible that the team would like to do a display at our york charity dog show? Thanks, abby
    8. DT
      Danielles Dresses | Facebook
    9. DT
      We it is against forum rules! and the mods will shut it down - a warning most certainly! in my case perhaps a little more to it then that! summat about dog with bone spring to mind!
      Shame folk can't just say what they think then get over it - but I do think the red rep insults are the low of the low and something I don't do!
    10. Dogless
      Really hope that you get the answers needed about that pup....I clearly don't know you but you strike me as someone who always does the best you can for your breed!
    11. tashax
      I would just like to say that i have a bad phobia of being sick and was having quite a bad panic attack when i came on here earlier to try and concentrate on something to calm down. Talking to you has calmed me down completely and i no longer feel sick (it was indegestion lol) so thank you for being my knight in shining armour and thank pandora for having her pups tonight for me or you wouldnt have been here to talk to. Im finally going to go to bed but will be checking tomorow for puppy updates :D thanks again for keeping me (and OH) sane this evening :) xx
    12. tripod
      thanks for the rep!
    13. swarthy
      NP - honestly - I've done exactly the same myself in terms of quoting - and I know sometimes it's just easier to pick up a quote which possible re-enforces what you want to say - but can be misconstrued by the person(s) concerned. And thank you for your kind comment - I do try.

      I do fear for the dog breeding world though sometimes, unfortunately - certain programmes, a few poor beeds and too many misconceptions around the KC and pedigree dogs across the board do see many puppy buyers often inadvertently turning to less than scrupulous breeders - it's a difficult situation with no real end in sight that I can see :(
    14. swarthy
      NP - have replied - and thanks for the rep :D
    15. Sacremist
      Yes, I know where you are coming from. I'm thinking of the doing the same. Like you said, banging your head against a brick wall, springs to mind. :)
    16. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      They are £20 inc p&p :)
    17. ArabiCoffee
      Oh wow, will take a look right now :)
    18. ArabiCoffee
      These are real cute doggies u've got in the pic above... I came looking for a photo album for them n couldn't find any :( I bet they're real cuddly :D
    19. DKDREAM
      im sure she will be home now ...WELCOME HOME IZZIE
    20. DKDREAM
      Your welcome when does she land?
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