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Jun 3, 2012
Jan 8, 2012
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South Derbyshire

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PetForums Member, from South Derbyshire

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Jun 3, 2012
    1. blade100
      its not advisable to mix sexes of rats otherwise you'll have lots of babies on your hands. lol.
    2. Lunaowen
      Sorry to hear you've been poorly. They still have quite a bit of food left. They look so different since they've been on it, their coats look healthier and they have grown so much, must be having the right diet that has done it, can't thank you enough for the good advice and the food. Rhys wants some more ratties but we need to talk his Dad round not sure whether to get another two but we would want boys, can you mix boys and girls or is it not advisable. might have to wait, not sure our two would like having more after a year of being just them anyway. Might pop up this week to get some new mix any days you can't do? and what time would suit. Just drop me a text.
      Hope you feel better soon x x
    3. blade100
      Hi Kim, sorry I've not been in touch with you the last few days I've been quite poorly. Very bad migraine etc. I will pop up to yours at some point to see your ratties :)
      I'm ok other than that. My boys are fine and the mice are now happily living together.
      My new mix is £2 per kg as I've had to order in a big bulk and it has much better ingredients in it. Let me know when you want to come up just txt me to let me know :)
      The water supplement is around £7 plus postage on top, so once I get low on my daily essentials I'll order me and you some.
    4. RabbitMonster
      Thank you :) Luna is a stunner, I love her face shape, it's one of those shapes that you can cup in your hands and cuddle :)
    5. blade100
      Hey Kim. I'd love to come round but I only have the car on a wednesdays to do my food shop etc. So I can't get to you :(
      How are the girls? I've done up a new better rat mix now and I'm going to be selling it to members on here.
    6. blade100
      Yes I'd like that. You'll have to txt me when and your address.
    7. blade100
      Hey, just seen pics of luna she is so pretty. I miss not having cats but my german shepherd hates them. When I lived with my parents we had at one time 13 strays. My folks live in lullington don't know if you've heard of the village? It's near coton and overseal. Anyway as I say she is beautiful and so cheeky looking.
    8. Lunaowen
      Thats ok, thought everyone could see pics wasn't sure how site worked. also only just figured out how to add a friend lol. look at me with my one friend lol. Thankyou for accepting I will now try get time to add the other people I have had lots of helpful responses from.
      Have some gorgeous new pics to add but not had time yet also can I put videos on?? x
    9. Etienne
      Thank you for your friend request, which is now added to my list (not too large).
      I have just been taken a look at your pictures of Luna and they are great pictures.
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    South Derbyshire
    I have two children aged 8 and 15 and am happily married. We also have two rabbits and two rats. Inbetween xmas and new year 2011 we brought home our new addition to the family a kitten.


    We have a Kitten called Luna
    Also two Doe Rats called Phineas & Ferb
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