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Lulu's owner
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Jun 24, 2015
May 1, 2009
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Lulu's owner

PetForums VIP, from Nottingham

Lulu's owner was last seen:
Jun 24, 2015
    1. Eroswoof
      I just saw your thread from the start of the year about the little pom. How's it going? xx
    2. Lulu's owner
      Lulu's owner
      No, I don't remember that one, but I can't get the sight of the poor dog lying in the front garden out of my mind. I am absolutely aghast that it's still there and it does make me feel very emotive about the owner. Seems like I'm out on a limb on this one, though, but some of the people who are so supportive of him might not be if they'd seen what I saw this morning!
    3. DoubleTrouble
      there was another man recently! don't know if you remember that, mansfield way! he shot it SBT after it attacked another dog! and NO it is never right. it is horrific
    4. haeveymolly
      Hi how are you today, silly question i know not good i imagine, keep ya chin up ive been in your shoes its hard but we do feel better with time, hard to imagine in these early days I know, but its true. Thinking of you jan XXXXX
    5. Waterlily
    6. Tje
      Hiya LO, how are you and your mum coping today? All the best to the both of you. xxxx
    7. Waterlily
      Is ricks closed ? the link go's to a diff site ?
    8. Lulu's owner
      Lulu's owner
      Zonked out? You must be kidding, she is almost manic. I just had to take a toy mouse off her and before that she ran up and down the stairs. I'm having awful trouble controlling her as she's meant to be quiet right now. She's digging up the carpet as I type. Unfortunately she's on eye meds again because they've discovered that she's got an ulcer on the eye and not just conjunctivitis as previously diagnosed. She was very slightly pregnant, which is sad, but I couldn't cope with more animals and if I could it would be rescues so it was for the best.
    9. Tje
      heyyyy, just wondering how everything went today with Layla? Assuming she is still zonked out... but give her a wee gentle hug from me ;)
    10. Pointermum
      Thank you for the rep :) Sit back and get the popcorn out for this one i think !
    11. thelioncub
      I hope you never stop posting! You keep us all sane
    12. billyboysmammy
      thanks to the rep
    13. jenniferx
      Hiya, Hope you don't mind me asking, I was just wondering how your little yorkie girl was? I remember your posts about her and her health. Hope she is doing well. X
    14. hawksport
      I'll look out for you in Wollaton Park
    15. leashedForLife
      thank U for the rep - :) its appreciated.
      --- terry
    16. zany_toon
      Thank you for the suggestion. I'm going to go looking for one tonight. And thanks for listening to my moan!
    17. ziggyjrt
      thankyou for your kind message regarding Molly, miss her very much she was a character.x
    18. canuckjill
      I noticed that made me laugh...Jill
    19. gail6
      thank you for making me welcome i am new to computers and not got a clue at what i am doing i would love to show you some pictures but still working it out i am gail by the way
    20. DevilDogz
      Thank you for the rep! :D xx
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