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Feb 29, 2012
Feb 25, 2010
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Voluntary foster carer for Pound Puppy Rescue, Poo

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PetForums Senior, from bournemouth

lucysnewmum was last seen:
Feb 29, 2012
    1. gizzmo341
      i'm sorry to hear about your health are you feeling any better today?
    2. gizzmo341
      hello, nice to meet you and thanks for the request to be your friend, how are you today?
    3. Abs6569
      hi gilly, its jason how are you?
      just to let you know i have joined a forum called kingdom of pets it sees to be quit good. just thought i would let you know. but i exspect you know this one. also what would be the chances of me working along side you just so i could get more experience and hands on?
    4. Fleur
      It'd be good if you could make it on Sunday - although I understand if you can't with having the new foster boy.
      If not this time then maybe next time?
      How's the little cairn boy getting on?
    5. Fleur
      Hi -
      I'm back online after my hols and a hectic week or so at work so I've started a thread about the New forest Walk in General chat- Wilverly Plain is the place to meet, It would be great if you could make it, afterall it was your idea :thumbup:
      Good to see you back on line and feeling better.
    6. danielled
      Have you voted for Haricat.
    7. Fleur
      Just wanted to say I'm off on holiday tomorrow for a week, so I'll catch up with everyone when I get back about the New forest walk.
    8. MissusMayhem
      wow! really? how did you get into that? i really would love to do something like that although im a photographer so id love to get into some kind of job combining animals and photography.

      Gilly.... what would you suggest for a mouthy pup?
    9. newfiesmum
      Hi, Gilly. sorry you have been poorly again. As I am having pay for each course separately, I thought I would leave the second one till last, as it didn't seem relevant to what I want to do. But having read through the third part, I think now I have to go back to 2 first! I passed the first part, no problem, but the trouble with me is I want everything yesterday, please! Have you started with any customers yet? I would be interested to know how you are getting on. Regards, Margaret
    10. MissusMayhem
      hey thanks for the post regarding fostering ....
      we have decided we are going for it ...
      i hope you dont mind me adding you figured you might be a good friend to have in the process :D
      thanks for your advice xxxx
    11. girlyhouse
      Hello there ,was just wondering how you and lucy are doing these days? best wishes x
    12. newfiesmum
      Glad it all went well. I bet you can't wait to be up and about again. I know I hate being laid up, it seems such a waste of time! Take care. Margaret
    13. leashedForLife
      thank U for voting - feel free to share the link :D

      shamelessly campaigning, :p - terry
    14. leashedForLife
      an article *cynthia AKA c-j anderson wrote on Helium -
      Victoria Stilwell or Cesar Millan: Who would you call? - by Cj Anderson - Helium

      there's a poll - VOTE! :thumbup: please... :)
    15. DoubleTrouble
      Always interested in hearing others views, will admit that the young girl I have been working with of late is the best I have worked with , so guess I have to admit times do changE! I still cannot see though how sit & down can be used at the same time! but seems I am out numbered and that others do!! It is like telling a dog to sit and stay then calling it to you! initially you tell a dog to sit and stay = you then return to the dog!! and praise! to tell it to sit stay then recall is confusing. It is all about keeping it simple in my book!
    16. DoubleTrouble
      There are that many course now that I honestly do not know whats what!! assuming the ADTB is dog training and behaviour, I do not know when this was founded or anything about it, had in fact only heard of it recently!! Find you posts really interesting and would love a chat! but the trainers I am more used to are the RAF trainers and the gundog trainers. Behaviourists had become popular over the last fifteen years or so! my friend had a very bad experience with one, Two ladys I know with our breed are fantasic (again one is ex RAF) how long does the ADTB take?? I am one that believes dog trainng never stops!! would love to talk to you again!! What are your view on C Milan!! I do not like the man!! there is quite a few posts on here from me as old double trouble!! I quite like Victoria! but I prefer many of th older trainers
      catch you soon
    17. DoubleTrouble
      I have weimaraners now! have had then for 10 years, before that we had ESS and labs!
      My eldest weimy is a resue (manuex he is nine)
      Thanks for the welcome by the way! but have not just joined, been here a couple of years , but have left twice during that time. just returned! great forum!!
    18. DoubleTrouble
      Hey! hello! just noticed you have a chocolate lab!
      do you know the of the Derrity gundogs? charlotte Smith?
      I had a chocolate 35 years ago!!
    19. lalauri
      Aw, thank you. Your lab is gorgeous! I see you're involved with dog training, I may very well have to contact you soon once our new pup arrives. I've never trained a dog before and am feeling a little anxious, so expect some e-mails in the near future, lol. :)
    20. girlyhouse
      hi gilly , not been on for a while as comp has been down.how are you and lucy doing these days? what foster baby do you have staying , hugs x
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    Voluntary foster carer for Pound Puppy Rescue, Poo
    i have owned, bred, showed and trained dogs for over 30 years. i am ADTB graduate and am currently studying Advanced Canine Behaviour. for any dog training queries email [email protected] and title your message
    dog training info required

    dogs, dogs, more dogs, sudoku, studying, I.T, knitting, swimming, walking, reading, and chatting with my friends


    All posts are my personal opinions based on the knowledge and experience I have and should not be associated with any organisations I may be a member of

    ZACK (1993-2007)
    forever in sunshine
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