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Feb 13, 2021
Apr 9, 2011
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Essex. UK.

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PetForums VIP, from Essex. UK.

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Feb 13, 2021
    1. GoldenShadow
      Thanks for the rep! Your last one liner was I think what I was attempting to say :lol: Hope you're well :)
    2. GoldenShadow
      That's brilliant, glad she's doing well! :)
    3. GoldenShadow
      Ahh no, sadly I'm yet to order from them! Going to do so early in the New Year I think as I use Scott fro The Dog Food Company mainly and would just like some of their fancy bits (turkey backs, lamb necks) once in a while. Typical hey ;) dvnbiker I think uses them, and when I order early in the new year I will happily name you as having recommended them, just need to free up a bit of space in my freezer first ;)

      Bathed both the dogs today, that was a mission! All is relatively well though thanks, hope it is with you too?
    4. GoldenShadow
      Thanks :)

      Funnily enough its Roman River Gundogs I have heard lots about. Not really anybody else either, it seems to just be him that I read about in terms of recommendations. Be great if you could let me know how it goes :)

      I went to Rory Major at Bryantscroft Gundogs a few times, he was fantastic. Moved down here now though of course so not possible to use him. Hope you have a good week :) x
    5. GoldenShadow
      Helloooo thanks for accepting my friend request. You seem to post really good stuff on here :)

      Now for the nosey bit! I see you're in Essex and have an ESS, wondered if you've heard of many decent gundog trainers out this way? I've been told of a very good one out Colchester way but not looking to use anyone til next year and would like to see what's available, knowledge is lacking a bit as only been here a year though ;)

      Hope you're having a good week so far :) x
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    Essex. UK.
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