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Dec 24, 2009
Jul 17, 2009
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Dec 24, 2009
    1. Changes
      Hi Dan :) the pups had one proper bath and several games in the paddling pool they all seemed to love it and getting dry wasn't any problem at all, I used to leave the towel on the floor and let them stand on it then I would wrap them each up for cuddles while I patted them dry. The only thing I know Alfie didn't like was the hair drier but then none of them did (understandlable really) Tyler developed a mad fear of the food mixer and ran a mile if I used it - this video helped me to get him to over come his fear and since then when the food mixer is on he thinks it is treat time - I used this technique on the video and I just swapped the nail clippers for the food mixer, I have watched all of her videos and have learnt so much about positive training, I don't use a clicker just my voice as I kept losing the clicker, call me if you get stuck, Mel x x :)

      YouTube - How to train your dog to relax for nail clipping
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      Sounds perfect x x x We all miss him so much, it is so glad to get updates Dan I really mean that x thank you hun x
    3. Changes
      Welcome to the forums - :) x how is beautiful little Alfie this morning x
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