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Dec 7, 2018
Feb 5, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from Motherwell, Scotland

lozzibear was last seen:
Dec 7, 2018
    1. Julesky
      It ain't half!! Off to bed night Lozz, give jake and arrow big love from me x
    2. Julesky
      Pahahahahah ! ok well sorry for asking if you were pissed off ;) mwah! This forum is a veritable rollercoaster somedays ;) hee hee. x
    3. Julesky
      The dog bite one? Felt like you were getting a bit pissed off with me for some reason, but I was struggling to see why? Maybe I've just got my big captain sensi pants on :D
    4. Julesky
      Hi Lozz b, maybe reading too much into the thread- but have I said something to annoy you personally? Hope not!:)
    5. Shiny
      Hello! Congrats on your new car! (as seen in the forums!) May I just add, your dogs are gorgeous!
    6. cinnamontoast
      Thank you for the rep X
    7. Symone
      So, yesterday I was walking my pup and I saw a BC that looked exactly like Arrow! Then without thinking I asked "where's Jake?"
      Needless to say I think she now thinks I'm a mad woman!
    8. BadgerMyLove
      Hi, just curious - in the thread about the price of puppies. You talk about 'hip scores' in relation to BCs and breeders - I don't know what that means. What are hip scores? Thanks!
    9. CaliDog
      arww thankyou ooo put them up!! i love a bit of BC!! :) i always think i post to many pics as is it :o
    10. CaliDog
      was just looking at your pic how fast has arrow grown! :eek: he is a babe! there is only a week or so between them arrow is so much more grown up looking than my Cali he is such a handsome fella! :001_wub: :001_wub: :001_wub:
    11. GoldenShadow
      Hello, can you let me know when you have been to the PO and done the SS deed please? :) xx
    12. GoldenShadow
      Hellooo just a reminder that the deadline for Secret Santa is 30th September 2012, I need paypal of 50p per dog, your name, your address and your dog(s) names sending to me via PM. Secret Santa Paypal email address is PFSecretSanta@hotmail.com :)
    13. DogLover1981
      Arrow is so gorgeous. :)
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    Photographs in my sig thanks to Robyn Lewis Photography UK.


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