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Jul 12, 2020
May 31, 2010
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PetForums VIP, Female, from Huddersfield

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Jul 12, 2020
    1. thedogsmother
      That would be even better then, it sounds like shes loved, you must be earning yourself a ton of karma for this one. Does Tabitha know about it yet?
    2. thedogsmother
      :eek: You are not just going to leave it at that are you?
    3. Jugsmalone

      I was going to go but decided against it as I thought they may have been some trouble. However, reading the FB group I can see the protest went smoothly. Therefore the next protest I will be going to. Jules x
    4. Lins61
      Hello luvvy! Nice to see a friendly face ;) xxx
    5. thedogsmother
      Ive been looking for some info about the hair loss signifying a mating and I cant find anything, so fingers crossed its just a little injury, have you still got her former owners details, could you double check that she has been neutered?
    6. thedogsmother
      Ooops I hope she isnt, can cats have the mismate jab like dogs can?
    7. thedogsmother
      :o I never even thought of that, I thought she had been done? Do you think the previous owner lied to you? My phone is out of charge, Im going to pop it on charge when Chris is finished with the charger.
    8. newfiesmum
      Well, thanks so much for that!
    9. thedogsmother
      She was great with Bella in the beginning hun, she always is to begin with. She said she could never imagine being without her Zara baby, then I got a call saying "you need to take this bloody dog its doing my head in" and then Zara became Bella :( I just hope this fella is a good influence on her and does the walking etc. Was it a Christmas present perhaps? I dont think I can trust myself to talk to her.
    10. thedogsmother
      Where the hell did she get him? WTF is she getting a high energy breed like a springer for, I honestly dont think it could be a worse choice :(
    11. thedogsmother
      Excellent :D, is it someone you know?
    12. thedogsmother
      Omg what happened with the car? I thought it was going to be a cheap repair :(
    13. thedogsmother
      Hows 2012 treating you so far hun?
    14. thedogsmother
      Bit too festive thanks hun, Im back on the diet now though, and I never want to see alcohol again :blushing:
    15. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Happy new Year :D x
    16. Dogless
      Thanks for the nice comment on my 'Chrimbo' thread I got a bit teary :o; I do try and post on all the picture threads as people put them up as they are proud of their dogs and I hate to see them go ignored!! Daft, I know! x
    17. thedogsmother
      If we're out (got loads of last minute things Id totally forgotten about :(, just bob it in the letter box and I can bob up with yours, is there anything you need doing that you need a car for hun, Im all over this week, if I can pick anything up for you or anything like that give me a yell xx
    18. thedogsmother
      Whats youre address? I come past howden all the time and Ive got yours to drop off too. Has the mechanic given you any idea how much its going to cost?
    19. thedogsmother
      I used to sneeze really badly if I stroked Snaggle but no other cat has ever had that effect with me, even now if I stroke him when I visit him I get sneezy, so yes I do think you can be affected by one and not all cats.
    20. thedogsmother
      Well youre talking to the wrong person here hun, you know I would if it was me dont you lol
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