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Apr 5, 2013
Jan 25, 2011
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lovewhitegermanshepherds was last seen:
Apr 5, 2013
    1. GSDsRock
      I got a white GSD myself.
    2. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
    3. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      yes definatly, i think thats the most important aspect for GSD's anyway. they are quick learners so she will probably pick the basics as you go along. pasha socialises with our other dog bruno and mums dog jasmine and there are a few in the street that she see's often so i think she will be ok. id really like her to do obediance and agility when she is older but ill have to see if she enjoys it first. i do drive, the class i could get her in is about 30 mile round trip, doesnt sound alot but it seems miles when your already tired lol x
    4. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      we live in yorkshire. its really bad isnt it. i took pasha to a outside puppy class today. she was good for the first half hour then got bored n wanted to play lol i dont think they were too impressed.
    5. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      it was brilliant. she did really well. we were late cos i got completely lost, all the dogs surrounded her when we first got there so she was a little nervious but soon settled down. where about are you from? it took me ages to find a space for pasha. :D
    6. bobthedog 1
      bobthedog 1
      hi my dog i had in the army was a white and absolutley fantastic at his job i love them too but i love all dogs i train them now
    7. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      thank you. she is going to puppy class tonight which should be fun lol
    8. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      my puppy pasha is 21 week, bruno the cross breed is about 8ish < he was a rescue so cant say for sure. and jasmine the 6 in may. jasmine is my mums dog though. have you been a forum member long?
    9. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      hi, am so pleased to find another fan of white shepherds. love your pictures of your dogs, amy x
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