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love our big babies
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Aug 1, 2014
Jan 3, 2012
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Lanarkshire, Scotland

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love our big babies

PetForums Member, from Lanarkshire, Scotland

love our big babies was last seen:
Aug 1, 2014
    1. Doguiesrus
      It all seems to happen at once! Yes really excited/nervous! Day 59 today but no imminent signs. Temp went down yesterday buy back up today! She was tricking me! Keep us posted and look foward to seen more pics. Especially your keeper! X
    2. Doguiesrus
      Me and callie have been talking about u! Have u disappeared of the face of earth! How's things. Bet you have your hands full! X
    3. huskymad33
      Hi sorry to bother you when my dog was expecting you said you had used a sheep scanner in west lothian I wonder if you had any details for them. It's not for me It's for my cousin she breeds working cockers and I was telling her that a sheep scanner is meant to be better and she asked me to try to find one for her I've been googling but not found any then I remembered you had used one if you have details I'd be really grateful if not No worries. Thanks a lot
    4. pinkyw
      Im looking for a French Bulldog pup (bitch) at the moment, have been doing a lot of research about the breed etc. Just wondered if you had had your litter or if it's still in the pipeline. thanks Donna
    5. Big bully
      Big bully
      Don't tell me that!! I would kill for one but husband would go fecking mental!!!! Have you seen on face book bout those French bullie pups that got stolen from the house two days ago?:mad:
    6. Big bully
      Big bully
      Well if you ever want one let me know? Big Reds mum and dad are having another litter this year ready Xmas!!
    7. Big bully
      Big bully
      Well I probably live in the smallest house in Devon!! They don't require a lot of room just lots of love!! As long as they have room to sleep somewhere they are happy:)
    8. Big bully
      Big bully
      Just wanted to say love your choice of breeds!:)
    9. H0lly
      Thinking of you and the family xx
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  • About

    Lanarkshire, Scotland
    I live with my OH, our little girl, 2 Frenchies, 1 Dogue de Bordeaux and our cat.
    Nice busy, bustling household we have here :)

    All things Doggy related :) baking, cooking, walking.



    Rocky - now running at Rainbow Bridge xxx
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