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Jul 29, 2009
Feb 9, 2008
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LousKoonz was last seen:
Jul 29, 2009
    1. colliemerles
      hi havent seen you in ages, hope all is well,xxx
    2. linz1
      hiya im back lol hows you what you been up to have you done any shows this year hun x
    3. DKDREAM
      Hiys just thought id pop by and see how things are you havent been on mouch latley hope your ok.
    4. Taylorbaby
      How old are your kits now? Piccis!!
    5. DKDREAM
      Hiya Lou.

      Just to wish you, Rob and the BlueLaKoonz Clan a very happy easter.
    6. spid
      you! 'a feared'! Never! lol ;). But seriously, i really respect those on here who have the knowledge and experience I don't - who knows when I may end up calling on it. Maybe I shall meet a lot of you at a show one day.
    7. DKDREAM
      Just to say Pan is Breath taking, Love him
    8. noushka05
      thankyou so much xxx no they dont mix to well with cats im afraid! Jo xx
    9. noushka05
      youre welcome xx & its very true!!!
    10. DKDREAM
      hes a lovley boy, im sure leenys will grow back soon. I really love Pan from your new litter he looks like hes gonna be a stunner too. such strong patterns.
    11. DKDREAM
      can see why hes such a stunner has such a thick coat.
    12. DKDREAM
      Congratulations on Rokis fab results, you must be proud.
    13. rottiesloveragdolls
      my girls r due mid april and may, :D have 2 more girls calling today not sure i will get them mated yet aww thats a shame you lost 4 :( but glad to hear the other 5 are doing well ;) xx
    14. rottiesloveragdolls
      yep its all good hun got 2 girls in kitten :D how about you ;) xx
    15. joote
      aww beautiful, I showed the OH one of the pictures and hes pretty smitten, 9 is an awful lot of kittens to have!! Maybe it was natures way of working, its wierd how it works out, i know its early days but sending all our wishes and best!!! To they all have potential homes?
    16. joote
      oh an dsorry for dubbing them as 'grey' i know they have proper names for thier colourings!
    17. joote
      yes i just read it fully though, sorry to hear about your loss's hope everything is fine with the others :D all boys too maybe?? we want a boy next
    18. joote
      ooooh i see some nice looking grey kitties!! shame you're so far away
    19. linz1
      we are fine thanks hun the cats love her its so cute we ars trying for a routine but she sleeps all the time and she even sleeps through the night bless her she is a star hope you are ok x
    20. linz1
      hi hun im fine i had a baby girl on 21st jan 7lb 8oz called freya x
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