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Louise Marsh
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Mar 5, 2012
Apr 25, 2011
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Louise Marsh

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Mar 5, 2012
    1. DiamondKitty
      OMG CONGRATS!! :D Oh you poor thing, she must have been really quiet! I am glad they are doing well, how brave is she doing it on her own!! Oh I am so excited for you :) do post some pictures when you can :D

      Furbabies are all doing well and gaining well too at the moment they are gaining up to 20g a day. I took her to the vets on Wed as I could still feel a lump in her tummy and was worried that it might be another baby ... but after having an ultra sound she only needed a wee!! It was her bladder!! lol She went to the toilet for the first time last night, I don't know how they hold it in for so long! So don't be worried if your girl doesn't use the loo for a couple of days!!

      When I weighed them this morning I had a look at what sex they are and I think we have for 4 boys and 1 girl... the 'girls' bottom does look completely different to the others so I hope I have got it right! :) lol

      Keep us updated and I can't wait to see some piccies :D xx
    2. Louise Marsh
      Louise Marsh
      Congrats nanny lol! I know it will go fast and have a camcorder on standby XD. I will post as soon as she starts and send you a pm, have you named your bundle yet?
    3. DiamondKitty
      Oh no! U poor thing, my kitty was due yesterday and the anticipation was killing me! She went into labour this afternoon, she was very quiet - I'm glad it was the afternoon cos I dunno if I wud have heard her if it was at night. I am now the proud owner of 5 little furr babies! (Although I think there might be one more! But her last baby was 3 hours ago so I dunno??) Do let me know when she goes into labour, it all happened so quick and I was in such a panic but the girls on here have been super supportive and helpful. Best of luck and keep me updated :) Nicola xx
    4. DiamondKitty
      Hiya Louise ... Hows your Kitty Kat doing?? Did she have the babies yesterday?? :D I am getting SO nervous now, mine are due tomorrow/tuesday. Look forward to hearing from you!! Nicola ..xx..
    5. Gratch
      Hiya couldn't PM you because your inbox is full but glad you came back and feel free to ask me for help anytime :) I am in no way an expert but I'll help you with what I can :D
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