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Oct 7, 2019
Mar 28, 2011
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Oct 7, 2019
    1. ruff
      Hiya, yea your right they are lovely Minnies the eldest at 7, Molly 5 and baby moe although the biggest is 2 (affectionaly known as the pig!!) Mollys mum to Moe she had 10 pups, and all were ok thank goodness. oh and our little poodle Ruffles whos 7. If it was left to me id have lots more! Do you plan on any more puppies? Where abouts are you? it seems that there are just little pockets of beddlingtons dotted around. xx
    2. ruff
      Hi hope you dont mind me popping in was just reading your post and noticed you got a beddlington! Weve got 3 not many of them about, nice to come across some others. Is your a boy or girl? we got 3 girls and 1 poodle. xx
    3. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hi ~ thank you for your reply to my pm., and I also replied to you in the Ferret Forum. :)
    4. DKDREAM
      Awwwe dont feel like that we where all new to ferrets at one point, i will help wherever i can.
    5. DKDREAM
      Hi welcome to the world of ferrets, what colour is the little one.
    6. foursmith
      We are fine lol he definitely needs more training on recall.....he's a lovely fella though, makes us laugh....hope fin continues to stay well.x
    7. foursmith
      hows finlay doing, last I heard he was a bit off colour,hope hes bounced back ok
    8. Adele121
      Hi, I had put on a post about second phase teething as I didn't know anything about it and Louie's breath had started to smell just like it did when he was teething but that had gone now and he is fine. It's good to talk to about Bedlington owner as there doesn't seem to be that many of us about. Finaly looks quite daintey from your photos, he's so cute, Louie is quite stocky apparently he's the working strain! Hope you and Finlay are enjoying the weekend.
    9. Adele121
      Hi, I tried to send you a private message but don't think I have enough posts or something. Anyway my name is Adele if you hadn't already guessed and I am the proud owner of an 8 month old old Bedlington called Louie, that's why I sent you the request with you being a beddie owner. Please will try have a look at my last post as I didn't get a reply and see if you can offer any ideas.
    10. x PIXIE x
      x PIXIE x
      just to say I am here if you ever need to rant xxx
    11. celt
      Hi there,just noticed your post about your Beddie whilst searching for post about whippets lol my last boy was a beddy x whippet,now i have a whippet,but i adore beddies,such lovely dogs.Finlay is beautiful!
    12. lotlot
      Hello :)

      I only just got your message!! Where in Suffolk are you? Your beddie is gorgeous!!

      Well I've just found a new groomer in Ipswich (my hometown) who is very experienced with bedlingtons, and actually grooms them for showing aswell. I am taking him in a couple of weeks to be groomed, and the lady who does it seems very lovely and is very experienced.

      I keep meaning to add some pictures on here :)
    13. Beau-a-saurus

      I just wanted to say hi and how pleased I am to see another beddie owner on the forum and one in Suffolk no less!

      I saw your post on the grooming section, if you don't mind can you tell me where your groomers are, as we are wanting to get Beau clipped for the summer but as he was a rescue I want someone really nice and calm as I am not sure how he will be. Just looking at recommendations at the mo :O)

      Would love to see more pics of your pup!
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