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May 29, 2013
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Earth - towards the top bit, but not very.
Interfering busybody

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Bear right at Newcastle . . ., Female, from Earth - towards the top bit, but not very.

    1. noushka05
      Thank you for my rep. Its sickening how destructive a species we are - we're like monsters aren't we! If we carry on the way we're going there'll be no wildlife left in a few short decades. What a nightmare vision :/ x
    2. Aubrie30
      Thank you for the rep :) Both quotes are from Victor E Frankl, he writes some good stuff.
    3. blade100
      Thank you for the rep :)
    4. BoredomBusters
      Thank you for the rep. :)
    5. cinnamontoast
      A dog might become psychic?! I so need one like that!
    6. noushka05
      Hahaa are you another not liking this new server? Its rubbish compared to the old one! imo. I think that like might be for liking your last message on my wall?
    7. LinznMilly
      Thanks for the rep (RE house dog thread), hun. I fear you could be right. I'm also under the impression they're young and impulsive and don't want to be told they can't have... I say young and impulsive. Makes me sound so ancient and am only 30 myself. :crying:
    8. noushka05
    9. newfiesmum
      Thanks for the rep x
    10. noushka05
      You will get that rep LB! :D I want you to have it for making the excellent point you made about more guns = more animal cruelty. (The poor cow that was shot - how could someone be so damn evil! )

      It really is grim at the moment & the outlook looks even worse:eek: Trouble is most mp's are a corrupt bunch of self serving, morally bankrupt T0$$£RS! I absolutely agree they should pack off a member of their family off first! Blair should send his two boys as well. He caused all this , he supports this new war yet hes 'peace envoy' to the middle east - how does that work?:confused: Did you know he works for dictators?
    11. noushka05
      I agree he is cracked! :D Worse than that I think hes a very dangerous man but people are falling for his charm :/ Anyway, thank you for my rep LB, I tried to rep you for a post but have to spread it around a bit 1st lol - so I owe you one! xx
    12. Aubrie30
      Thanks for the rep :)
    13. Sarah H
      Sarah H
      Thanks for the rep! :) xx
    14. ellenlouisepascoe
      Cheers for the Rep Mate! xxx
    15. Margelli
      Thank you for the rep xxx
    16. noushka05
      Same situation in my area LB. OH worked down the pit, after that he worked in steel manufacturing industry. Four of those companies closed down! hes been made redundant five times already. Theres nothing round here for youngsters, its grim. And don't get me started on Tebbit!:eek: That man has (had? is he still alive? lol) the mentality of the sociopath. Thatcher,blair,brown, ca'moron' - not of them have cared about ordinary people. They are all motivated by greed & power - a toxic combination.
    17. mrs phas
      mrs phas
      if you are genuinely interested in owning this breed I can put you in touch with the foremost [and only breeder in uk] breeder, her dogs are totally health tested and her founding female is daughter of my girl,for the stud, she will be travelling to Italy with her mentor, who was the original UK breeder of the traditional red
      He imported them because he had the foresight to see where the red was going if some were not saved
      He, himself no longer breeds, but obviously has a deep interest in the breed continuing, Foglia herself is one of his and she was taken back to italy for stud to an 100% health tested male
      As for the price, i cannot say, Foglia came to me as a rehome and I was very very humbled to be asked

      Please let me know, she is hoping to have pups available in feb 2015 and her waiting list is open at the moment but will be closed before she goes to stud

      they are a fantastic dog and you wont be sorry

      sharon [mrs phas]
    18. lilythepink
      still going strong I think
    19. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep, love that quote, and use it as a reminder to myself often :)
    20. leashedForLife
      i've red-repped a few, myself -
      mostly for blatantly spamming the forum, which is outrageous. :mad5:
      Anybody who posts on a sticky to hang their sales-link deserves a red blob,

      The others have been for egregious remarks - personal hostility, toward
      others, not myself. If i think i've truly been assaulted by someone verbally,
      i let the mods deal with it - a red-blob under those circs is pointless, &
      can even be incendiary. Best to let them do their job. ;)
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    Earth - towards the top bit, but not very.
    Interfering busybody
    I share my home with my husband, daughter, 2 dogs and 2 cats. One of them is a kleptomaniac. The other is a murderer. (er - that's the cats I'm talking about - not the OH or The Girl)

    I worked as a Speech and Language Therapist but am now retired. I am also a church Reader.

    ANIMALS! Nature, theology, history, reading, walking, talking.


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