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May 29, 2013
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Earth - towards the top bit, but not very.
Interfering busybody

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Bear right at Newcastle . . ., Female, from Earth - towards the top bit, but not very.

    1. cheekyscrip
      any chance of tarot quickie for me??/since Ihad some kinda strange flu Iam not myself...cannot sort of recover..blood test shown nothing...must ba a curse!
    2. cheekyscrip
    3. cheekyscrip
      so, this is why you missed very important quizzes!...as to cards...unfortunately - they seem to say too much!..so I turn to quizzes for a bit of light tosh!
    4. cheekyscrip
      Iknow you must be busy..getting your coven ready for the festivities and all...but c,mon, put that broomstick away and come back...I cannot sleep not knowing what spread you are....!!!
    5. Argent
      Aww thank you very much! I was thinking around £20 a set (collar and lead), haven't actually worked out postage yet - must do that! I've literally just been and bought new ribbons as well, and can order diff coloured webbing for them but will post pics of what I've got when I can :D
    6. Argent
    7. Argent
      Tbh I found you very concise and helpful - moreso than my 'friends' on fb who were all screaming 'K9-this' and 'Doggy-that' at me :P
    8. rottiepointerhouse
      Thanks for the rep, very kind x
    9. Julesky
      Greetings on the old rep auld bear friend, how are you? I took a bit of a break form here due to life and busyness- came back to new fancy buttons and all kinds of things, how are you? What's the craic?
    10. noushka05
      aww bless you (((hugs)) for you too. This is what sickens me as well LB, I see pics of trophy hunters, posing with the lifeless bodies of their beautiful victims & I don't understand that most would value the life of a revolting human like that over the life of the poor defenceless creature at their feet:confused:- I'm afraid i just don't have it in me to feel an ounce of compassion for someone like that. If that makes me a bad person, then hey ho, I'm bad. lol Everyday I see some story about mans inhumanity to the defenceless & it makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach - so always remember you're not alone in how you feel & I'm always here if you need a rant xx
    11. noushka05
      Everything you have just said - I completely agree with! I know I'm seen as an extremist by a lot on here ha ha! but I don't think human life should be considered sacred over everything else. I think believing that is one of the main reasons the planet is in such a state. There is so little respect & appreciation for non human life - if humans cared about other creatures then we wouldn't have lost half our vertebrates in the last 40 years. Yes the media is shocking - Rupert Murdoch is the devil incarnate imo.
    12. noushka05
      Aww Ive just seen a post on here that they've put him down LB :( Animal lives are worthless to many people - makes me evermore ashamed of our species.
    13. cinnamontoast
      Am loving the zombie thread, think you've run with it fabulously! X
    14. grumpy goby
      grumpy goby
      haha thanks for the rep. Your not, dont worry :P
    15. Jiskefet
      Thank you for the rep, and even more so for the thumbs up!!!
      I am getting so sick of this whole affair. They have ruined one of my fondest childhood memories for me.
    16. leashedForLife
      Thx for the rep, hun -
      just saw the PM, yes, i think it's probly drama. However, the tip to contact
      Enviro was excellent! - good idea, hope s/he does it soonest. :yesnod:
    17. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep :)
    18. westie~ma
      Thank you for the rep xx
      I hope you're ok ((( )))
    19. Pupcakes
      Thanks for the rep you gave me in July! Sorry just seen it now! xxx
    20. Zaros
      Hey, thanks for the Rep' x 2

      Hey, thanks for the Rep'

      Job done.

      Take care.

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    Earth - towards the top bit, but not very.
    Interfering busybody
    I share my home with my husband, daughter, 2 dogs and 2 cats. One of them is a kleptomaniac. The other is a murderer. (er - that's the cats I'm talking about - not the OH or The Girl)

    I worked as a Speech and Language Therapist but am now retired. I am also a church Reader.

    ANIMALS! Nature, theology, history, reading, walking, talking.


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