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May 29, 2013
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Earth - towards the top bit, but not very.
Interfering busybody

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Bear right at Newcastle . . ., Female, from Earth - towards the top bit, but not very.

    1. cheekyscrip
      my pleasure!..anytime...but how do I get the giraffe malarkey?
    2. piggybaker
      Tried to give you a greeny but I have to spread the love apparently ... Your a star and a SLT might have to pick your brains going on a course for this soon , only a little course not a mega training
    3. something ridiculous
      something ridiculous
      I know, yet some threads are allowed to go on and on!
    4. Cheryl89
      You're very welcome hon :D xxx
    5. missRV
      Lol thanks hun :) xx
    6. missRV
      You're welcome :) x
    7. noushka05
      Thanks very much for the rep :) x
    8. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      haha cheers,your welome!
    9. MrMagik
      How did you get that riddle wrong? I thought you were a genius like me?
    10. ouesi
      Thanks for the rep :) Hopefully more folks will join in on the discussion :)
    11. MrMagik
      Feel free to keep a few copies for yourself. ...will get you by on those cold lonely nights.
    12. MrMagik
      Yes start to gather a crew... I cant offer a lot at the minute in payment terms.. I have a few polaroids of me in a shower which usually get me by, just offer copies of these as payments - should get people queuing up to join.
    13. MrMagik
      An alliance you say??? Two great minds working together to take over this town. .....hmmm this could be big... and let's face it i'm going to need a deputy - you've seen the state of my school.
      Yeh ok... put it there partner *spit*
    14. MrMagik
      look...it's like this. You admitting to the microwave incident is the first step of many to putting the whole nasty episode behind us... baby steps and all that.
    15. lorilu
      Thanks for the rep. :)
    16. Shadow And Lightning
      Shadow And Lightning
      Yeah that's the one. My sister hasnt even seen her only pics but she ain't right in the head clearly. Might be a slight jealousy thing but, still ain't normal lol. Luckily I've not heard from her for a while maybe she's found a new person to chat crap about lol.
    17. Shadow And Lightning
      Shadow And Lightning
      lol they more than know it, although, shes been keeping them up all night and they look like crap! but shes worth it :)
      shes a funny little thing started pulling faces and making noises now, me and my dad took her for a few hours on sunday and i think my aunty and uncle were fast asleep before we even left the garden bless em lol
    18. Shadow And Lightning
      Shadow And Lightning
      yeah she sure is :) i shall be sure to tell her parents lol :)
    19. Zaros
      I rather think someone's missed the point of 'Thread envy'.

      It wasn't designed to be a serious thread. :laugh:
    20. Julesky
      Comment deleted?
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    Earth - towards the top bit, but not very.
    Interfering busybody
    I share my home with my husband, daughter, 2 dogs and 2 cats. One of them is a kleptomaniac. The other is a murderer. (er - that's the cats I'm talking about - not the OH or The Girl)

    I worked as a Speech and Language Therapist but am now retired. I am also a church Reader.

    ANIMALS! Nature, theology, history, reading, walking, talking.


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