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Jun 12, 2014
Apr 6, 2010
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West Midlands

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Jun 12, 2014
    1. NicoleW
      Yep I found a nice rock thing which had some growing on it today at the aquatic centre, will be worth the money though if I want it looking nice
    2. NicoleW
      Actually strike that, I think with gravel being easier to clean and this is my first tank I am going to stick with gravel. Perhaps if I get another aquarium for my birthday next year I'll use sand in that. I want a 260 - 400 litre Fluval. :)
    3. NicoleW
      I don't know, they were labelled "various, mixed". You say I can use playsand, so if I rinse it and rinse it and rinse it and rinse it would it be okay? Also... What about a combination of sand and a bit of gravel? Just picked up some bright pink gravel which makes it look tonnes brighter, now it's been bought I want sand for definate I think - it looks so much more smoother and a bit more natural. I'm getting a Java Fern plant next sunday for the corner :)
    4. NicoleW
      Hey - I just got some plants from the petstore for my tank, they are live ones. They've come in this little ceramic pot thing, can I take them out of the pot and just plant them in my gravel?
    5. loops25
      Thank you, she is 15, just had 15 teeth out so looking a little gummy now, I am taking her the vets agin tonight as her gums look a little strange, how old are yours? We had another one up until last July, she had kidney failure bless her, she was a little porker! Chelsea is the opposite fussy eater! haha
    6. GillyR
      awwww - how old is she? i have three - max (one in my pic) molly, and their baby suzie lol - all three are lovely.
    7. GillyR
      Hiya - just want to say, what a lovely doggy, is he a yorkie?
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    West Midlands


    RIP Chelsea My Best Friend...I will miss you so much 21/10/11​


    RIP Bruno, we love you baby boy 27/01/2012
    RIP Jess our Beautiful Border Collie 07/04/2010
    RIP Kelly our lovely little Yorkie 24/07/09
    Forever in our hearts xxx​
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