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Longton Flyball
Last Activity:
Nov 8, 2014
Nov 6, 2011
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Longton Flyball

PetForums Senior, from Stoke-On-Trent

Longton Flyball was last seen:
Nov 8, 2014
    1. foxyrockmeister
      Hey there, haven't seen you around in ages (or maybe I've just missed your posts :o ) Hope you're ok :)
    2. madtaff
      Hi Flyball hope things are good with you. need some advice having problems with getting Jasper to come back to me when outside at the local park, even though i tempt him with treats , whistle click call his name, anything that moves hes gone no matter how far away he is an tips ? cheers Iris x
    3. peanut651
      Nice one, glad they did well.
      Yeah Shadow is obsessed with them lol Shep doesn't really care for toys as he was very dog orientated as a pup so he is more interested in just chasing other dogs around...My kids love the balls too lol
    4. peanut651
      Oh and I forgot to mention good luck with tomorrow! Wish I could see it. Try and get a video of your dogs sometime if possible :D Would love to see them.
    5. peanut651
      Hey Hey Hey, I went and bought one of those giggle wiggle balls...The thing does my head in lol the kids love it too lol
    6. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, you are very welcome, the dog in avatar and your album really looks as if it's having fun. when i stayed with my mum we had borded collies, i think they are a fabulous animal, very intelligent, we had no bother with ours at all. we had 3 in the time i stayed there, all female, never bred them, just as loving pets. nice to have 'spoken' with you, ttfn.
    7. madtaff
      Thanks willl definately be crating jasper for his own saftey at night . Thanks for the advice iris x
    8. madtaff
      Hi I was wandering if you crate your Border collie if so what size is it ? Need to get one soon. It will be used just for the night to sleep in. Only want to ever by one , not a smaller one then a bigger one later. Many thanks Iris x
    9. madtaff
      Thanks Flyball will probably need lots of it!!
    10. madtaff
      Hi Flyball thankyou for adding me as a friend I am a bit like Billy no mates aren't I ? LOL Chat soon Iris x
    11. madtaff
      fab photos hoping to do agility one day with my new puppy will be asking for lots of tips if you don't mind ?
    12. Kiwi
      Thank you for blobbing me!! :) x
    13. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep.
    14. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep, very kind!
    15. suey
      On reading your reply, it would seem to be a confidence issue then, as obviously the smaller roomis making her feel more secure, I have had cats like this before, I inherited one that was only comfortable living upstairs, all my other cats went up and down, but this particular one lived happily upstairs for years ! Hope it works out for you
    16. suey
      Hi, been reading your posts re the dirty cat, bit of a long shot but have you tried a litter tray with just newspaper in, not scrunched up, just laid flat, I have vague recollections of my parents having a cat like this and it would only wee on newspaper as had no interest in covering it, guess anythings worth a try for you, hope you get somewhere, Sue
    17. Mese
      Thanks for letting me know hun , but I deleted my facebook a few weeks ago ... it was just getting on my nerves , lol
    18. MoggyBaby
      Hiya, Many thanks for the update. Sorry your PC is sick, hope it gets better soon. :)
    19. MoggyBaby
      Hi there, are you planning to submit a picture for Caption Comp #12? If not, please let me know and I will pass the honour to the runner up.

      Cheers :)
    20. MoggyBaby
      You are very welcome. :D

      Your caption was absolutely spot on!!!! :D
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    We are a fun or competitive flyball club and are now on facebook...woohoo!

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