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Apr 19, 2015
Jul 5, 2013
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PetForums Member, from Scotland

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Apr 19, 2015
    1. Finnboy
      Hi Lola

      I am really sorry I haven't found your message to me until this morning! I feel awful for not replying sooner but I didn't know it was there, sorry.

      Finn decided (and I am pretty sure it was his choice) to just stop the early morning barking after nearly 3mths...the major change, which I am surprised none of the very opinionated "experts" on this forum suggested....was changing his food....I have actually logged on to give others hope and add this to my thread.....the barking stopped two weeks after we started to switch his dried food from Beta Puppy to Burns.....I am utterly convinced this has led to some much calmer behaviour (obviously he has grown up a bit too)

      As for walking him, he can be very good on the lead but he is still hard work around dogs and people, he's already too strong for my girls to hold him and recall when there is no-one around is ok......I have to clip him back on if I see another dog or a person as he is off!

      How is Lola doing?
    2. springerpete
      Evening Sheena. Just to enquire how the pup is doing. Over her problem I hope.???
    3. springerpete
      Hi Sheena. Glad the pup is coming along, sorry to hear about the infection but these things happen. I sympathise with you and your bank balance, vets dont come cheap do they???
      Take care, keep up the good work. Pete.
    4. springerpete
      Hi Sheena, how's the young 'un settling in.??
    5. chichi
      Hi ...just wanted to wish you all the best with your new pup ... dont get upset by some of the comments on your last thread. Threads go that way sometimes but no bad feelings carry on to further threads (mostly) x
    6. lostbear
      Delighted to be your friend. Is that your beautiful baby above? No the wonder you lost your heart.
    7. springerpete
      Hi Lola. Just been reading your post re, your new puppy. Some of the replies have been a little bit 'Scaremongering' I think. I dont pretend to be an expert, unlike some, but I've been around dogs for more years than I care to remember. Any pup has the potential to have problems no matter how many tests they or the parents have. It's a gamble, but with the right diet and exercise most of these issues can be avoided. The most inportant thing is that you have the pup you want. Hip scores and the like are the last thing I'm concerned about when I buy a pup, I go by my instinct and I've yet to be too far off the mark. Please, check out my page, see my dogs and If you think I can be of any help them P.M. me. Pete
    8. MerlinsMum
      May I suggest a reading list?

      Before.... and After You Get Your Puppy, by Ian Dunbar
      Both available as free downloadable ebooks, classics which have stood the test of time
      Sirius Dog Training

      Life Skills For Puppies by Helen Zulch and Dr Daniel Mills
      New but excellent :)

      The Fast Track Dog Survival Kit | Lyn Fleet
      Inexpensive booklet but easy to read and follow, older children may like it
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    I am a stay at home mum to my 3yr old son and currently counting down the days until our little Lab Lola comes home on July 20th :)


    "Money will buy you a pretty good dog,
    but it won't buy the wag of his tail."

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