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Dec 17, 2018
May 31, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from Essex

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Dec 17, 2018
    1. Flamingoes
      Don't go xx

      And It was closed by the time I got home but I would have voted for her to stay.

      She annoyed the hell out of me at times but she was never deliberately provoking and Ben is gorgeous.

      Genuinely; don't go xx
    2. Hanwombat
      I wish some dog owners would just learn to control their dogs! Luckily so far when I have been walking Io (on her long line) any other dogs off-lead have had very good recalls but if I dog came bounding up to her making her nervous I would not hesitate to get the dog off her and give the owner a ear full! Just makes me angry xx
    3. Hanwombat
      Thank you for the rep :) I'm okay, was just one of 'those' days yesterday and thinking of my stupid mistake when getting Io upset me. I love her nonetheless though :) x
    4. Barkitty
      Hello, I am leaving the forum because of some really nasty people on here... find me on Facebook or Twitter as I'd like to keep in touch xxxx
    5. shetlandlover
      How many is it you need? I cant' remember its been so long.
    6. shetlandlover
      That's what it was on but you couldn't PM me. :( I have had to make it public I think.
      Check see if you can PM me now.xxx
    7. shetlandlover
      Added and deleted the link :)
      I am trying to work out how to have it so only friends can PM me.
    8. shetlandlover
      I will PM you my link when I am able to PM. Haha, hate being new again.
      How have you been? xx
    9. Lilb
      Ha, beat you to it that time! :P
    10. Lilb
      You're so quick on the juicy threads! :lol:
    11. danielled
      It's ok I've found her. Don't know what happened.
    12. danielled
      Hiya are you still in contact with Elz. Only I'm searching for her on twitter.
    13. harley bear
      harley bear
      I know it will be fine, tbh its a chance to have it drained a little because its quite round, they also say its very difficult to get pregnant with a nodle...obviously not that difficult pmsl
    14. harley bear
      harley bear
      Nope, i only have to have it done again because they didnt send the sample to the lab and im not chancing it, the surgeon said theres like a 1 in 1000 chance of it being cancer, well fair enough thats a teeny chance but its too much of a chance when i have to think about the kids. He also said he wouldnt recomment keep having it drained because of infection BUT theres a smaller chance of infection than having it bloody taken out! i dont do hospitals!
    15. harley bear
      harley bear
      LOL last time i was there they said they could drain it there and then..the doc said whatever you do dont swallow...so i sat there with this great fecking needle stuck in my throat and i swallowed felt the needle scrape right up my throat then back down awain. Why is it when someone tells you not to do something you instantly want to do it?
    16. harley bear
      harley bear
      Its Fine Needle Analysis. I have a thyroid syst that i have already had drained and they lost the sample because it should have been screened for cancer, it was bloody horrible having it stuuck in my throat. Was given the option to have it out but dont wanna be stuck in hospital for a week, its just not practical.
    17. harley bear
      harley bear
      Well i didnt get up till 10 today! Couldnt believe it when i looked at the clock! I think i will have to do that ewvery day because those extra few hours meant i wasnt sick when i got up lol back to the rat race tomorrow tho, got the hospital on tuesday for my fna and im bloody dreading that after last time!
    18. harley bear
      harley bear
      Oh hun, if you ever need a chat you know where i am xx
      Ive had a right cruddy weekend had a cold the last three days ontop of the exhaustion, and sickness ive been useless all weekend lol
    19. harley bear
      harley bear
      LMAO i knew you wouldnt :p hope your having a good weekend hun xx
    20. harley bear
      harley bear
      Hey hunni how are ya? Well im knacked and peed off lmao..tell lola to enjoy her bath :)
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