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lola belle
Mar 17, 2011
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The Mad House

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lola belle

PetForums Member, from The Mad House

    1. simonehadland2009
      i am thinking of using DAF as i don't live far from there whereabouts are u moving to if u don't mind me asking ? you can private message me now lol. i am loving being here wish i had found it sooner lol
    2. simonehadland2009
      yeah i will be giving the pup tripe just a little bit at a time though, see how he goes with it :)
    3. simonehadland2009
      wow lol, i think i am going to try my girl on some tripe first and see how she goes on that then maybe add some other stuff to it, just so wary of feeding bones thats my only problem lol
    4. simonehadland2009
      yup my girl is like that she is such a pain in the bum for food, and soo picky if she doesn't want to eat then she won't i am so tempted to try them on the raw diet but not sure how they will react to it
    5. simonehadland2009
      i have always had mine on wagg but then hattie started putting on a ton of weight on it and now it's coming up to winter although she is quite "chubby" at the moment i know she will go down hill so need to find something that stabalises her weight a bit but looking at all the dog food is a nightmare
    6. simonehadland2009
      lol, well he is doing well with the house training at the moment, still trying to find the right food for him, just trying to find some websites that do free samples or cheap samples to see whats the best for him, need to look into changing my older girl her food aswell as she doesn't do very well through the winter and loses a lot of weight, damn dogs they are harder work than my kids lol
    7. simonehadland2009
      yeah thats what i am thinking if i got one big enough aswell then when he is older he could go in it if he has muddy paws lol, just wondering how easy are lurchers to train i would like to do some obediance stuff with him and possible agility when he is old enough ?
    8. simonehadland2009
      i know thats what i am thinking at the moment especially if he needs a break fro my daughter believe me if i could get one big enough for me i would lol, i don't mind him running round on a night but just sometimes i think it would be nice to have somewhere safe for him
    9. simonehadland2009
    10. simonehadland2009
      he is 9 weeks old and called Kipp his mu,m was a saluki/greyhound and dad collie/greyhound, he is smooth coated and so much fun getting there with house training will be better when he can finally go out for walks though, just trying to decide wether to get a cage for him or not always worried he might have a accident and my daughter might walk in it lol
    11. simonehadland2009
      hi, just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my post what is your lurcher called and what breeding is he ?
    12. Freyja
      Thank you we are very lucky to have her she was bred by a friends dad and he was keeping about 4 bitches. We were there on holiday when my friends sister came in and said their dad had phoned and asked her to sell the pups for her. My OH wanted a black and tan chi so we went to see them and got Lily she was 5 months old terrified of everything and had no name. Now she is a little live wire if there is a rough game going on you can garrentee she started it and is bottom of the pile. Have you seen my thread about Lily's new chi friend Sally?
    13. bluegirl
      thank you, Yes I do follow Juliette's diet, have done for 10 yrs now, but I've actually had the book 23yrs!
    14. bethj
      Thank you sometimes you just need a little help but can't get it as other are very quick to judge. x
    15. crazydogs
      yeah i have chihuahuas i have 7 dogs and 3 of them are chihuahuas. My toy breed dogs rule the roost here. Your little chih looks very cute in the photo :-)
    16. Mum2Heidi
      Oh yes, Westie's have a lot to answer for tum wise. You would think that crossing would breed it out but the probs are steadfast. As long as she doesnt have kibble she's fine!! I love borders and would consider one as a mate for Heidi but atm we've too much going on.

      As for the forum, my input is minimal compared to when I first joined for the reasons you mention. Easiest way is to join in what interests you and avoid topics and members that dont :-)
    17. Mum2Heidi
      Thanks for the compliment, its v kind of you. I hope you will enjoy it here. I joined when Heidi was a pup. She was a about a year old in my avatar. She's a Westie x JR. Sorry, I have all sigs etc turned off. Makes for easier reading but the downside is, I dont get to see people's doggies! Think I'll have to turn them on for a while to familiarise myself again. Lots of new members.
      Btw. It took me ages to get to grips with this conversation stuff. I was always posting on my own wall - you're much better than me!!
    18. DoggieBag
      It's all sorted now, they are banned.

      What a lovely looking Lurcher, love the long haired type.
    19. keeleyjane19
      Thank you for your lovely message :-) xx
    20. DoggieBag
      And you. :)
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    The Mad House
    Hello, we have had dogs for as long as I can remember, like lots of breeds and share our lives with a multitude of pets.

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