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Oct 1, 2011
Apr 7, 2010
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wearing my soles out on the dancefloor
learning support assistant

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PetForums VIP, from wearing my soles out on the dancefloor

lizzyboo was last seen:
Oct 1, 2011
    1. cookie_monster
      i know its probably not, but that really looks like Rochester Castle in your profile pic!
    2. dingal2000
      More than welcome x
    3. metame
      [IMG] << you have to pretend this is a green blob cause i really wnat to rep you but apparently have given out too much in the last 24 hours :lol:
    4. newfiesmum
      This is what I tell people, though I don't know if it sinks in. Forget the word "test". It is not a test, it is an assessment. When you take your driving assessment, you are driving on your own for the first time. The examiner? He's just a satnav telling you which way to go. Whatever doubts you have, think to yourself - what would I do if I was on my own? You will find that, with that in mind, you can cope with whatever comes along. In most area there is a six to eight week wait for a driving test, so your instructor probably knows he can iron out what little problems you have before that. Good luck x
    5. newfiesmum
      It was my post about learning in an automatic car.
    6. newfiesmum
      Thanks for the rep. Don't get talked out of it!
    7. borderer
      happy birthday hun xxxxxxxxx
    8. bigdaddy
      your dog is lovely very cute in the pics
    9. Waterlily

      hope your ok xx
    10. Mum2Alfie
    11. Waterlily
      dont worry I'm as thick as the pig never mind its shitt :D
    12. Waterlily
      LMAO ya knob :D its what I am writing on now, ya visitor messages :D
    13. Waterlily
      ya can use my vm now if ya need to :D its private ;) dunno why but it is :D
    14. Waterlily
      hiya :D I wasnt sure if it was you or not so cancelled it, but I sent ya a fb request, do ya have two kids on ya profile pic ?? If it was you and ya wanna be fb buddys haha its Diane Nunyabiz ;) if not no worries :D :D
    15. Mum2Alfie
    16. Mum2Alfie
    17. Mum2Alfie
    18. new westie owner
      new westie owner
      Hi im good thanks hope you are too , no i havent yet been told he is too young he is 5 months :)
    19. Mum2Alfie
    20. Mum2Alfie
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    wearing my soles out on the dancefloor
    learning support assistant
    my name is lizzy, i have 3 monsters aka children. i live in an ordinary house in essex but i am not orange and no part of me is fake (yet)
    i love simple things in life, it doesnt take alot to excite me and get me clapping like a seal.....
    we have one ickle doggie called radley who likes to think he is king of the jungle....i dont know why cause we hav'nt got an excess of houseplants....but little does he know its me who is king of the animals both 4 legged and 2!

    going out, dancing, reading, writing letters to pen friends, facebook, shopping, cooking, going to the gym, walking, cycling




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