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Jul 14, 2017
Feb 29, 2008
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selling violins

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PetForums VIP, from Huddersfield

lizward was last seen:
Jul 14, 2017
    1. lymorelynn
      Hi there :) Nice to see you back
    2. colliemerles
      Hello Liz, havent seen you about in a while, hope all is ok,
    3. danny368654
      Could you please tell me if the 12month rule is true regarding queen and kitten registration ? Thanks :)
    4. spid
      tried to rep you but not allowed as i don't spread it around enough - good advice on the active queen thing
    5. Puindoors
      Hi Liz,

      I'm working on introducing cinnamon into birmans at the moment, might be nice to have a natter with someone else thats working with the colour. The genetic tests for colour are great aren't they!
      I thikn we're both on Novice breeders as well? But I'm keeping my head down re my cinnamon program, die hard GCCF birman breeders would have my head on a plate!


      Purindoors Birmans
    6. Kittenfostermummy
      Hey hun we are doing a feline secret santa on cat chat if you wanted to join in :)
    7. Vikikute
      Hello, I read your post about the kitties you're fostering... The thing is I am a volunteer and have fostered many kitties in Lithuania (where I normally live), but I now study in UK (animal science) and I just thought I would try and help UK cats a bit... the main thing is, I guess, that in UK there is no real big and good site for animal adoptions apart from the ones bigger organisations have (thus private fosterers do not have a good place for "advertising" their kitties)... The situation with cats in UK is better than in LT so I do believe that finding these kitties a home should be possible... I would like to try and help you. Obviously, it would be an experiment for me as this is the first time I tried helping an animal in UK, but I do have experience in placing animals back home... So if you are interested in me trying to help you find a home for your kitties, email [email protected] and we could try and figure out a way to find these kitties a forever home :)
    8. DT
      Thank youfor the rep!:D
    9. KathrynH
      Some people are soo touchy!! :-) x Hope you are ok hun x
    10. thedogsmother
      Hi hun, if you want to borrow a rat cage for your little vistor I can lend you one, she is very cute btw (sooooo jelous, Gill
    11. Cassia
      thankies for my rep x
    12. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Hiya, I was just reading a thread & it mentioned hydration sachets can I get them from [email protected] are they any good or can you recommend something I can get into Tango? I mushed up some lier pate with a little warm water yesterday & gave it by syringe so I could give him his metacam but he needs more food is going to eat but not, has licked some of that hi-life tuna this morning but thats it x
    13. gloworm*mushroom
      Can you please help 'pippa' in breeding?? Kitten is stuck
    14. BSH
      Thanks for the rep Liz.
    15. Babette
      I will try to find out where the first Chinchilla appears.
      Bedst regards
      Krista Nielsen
    16. shetlandlover
      Thank you for the rep....x
    17. celicababe1986
      my apologies for giving wrong information on the end of the world thread. I read something somewhere and was trying to recall it from memory~which isnt that good.:lol:
    18. Gratch
      Thanks for the rep :) Seems like it truly is the name of the poster that dictates how good something is
    19. DoubleTrouble
      Before I post on a thread in future do you want me to run it by you for approval?
    20. wiccan
      thank you for your advise on my kittens :)
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    selling violins
    I breed Asians
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