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Mar 2, 2010
Jun 5, 2008
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Owner of Little Fluff Pet Supplies

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Mar 2, 2010
    1. sophia17
      its okay lol, but i can see im going to be getting a few put downs- to the add ive put up for winny to find a new home-also a few put downs on me wanting to breed the mini rex. But im not going to listen to the put downs! lol How yah been? how are yhur cute furries (: x
    2. sophia17
      hello thanks for the add :D you okay?
    3. sequeena
    4. sequeena
      I think that's the best way to go. Not what the companies tell you but what the ingredients are :)
    5. sequeena
      You're welcome! I'm considering whether or not to get some Arden Grange because it's so much cheaper than Burns (and better!)
    6. sequeena
      I just had a look at your website and it looks amazing :)
    7. mashabella
      Thanks for your msg! :-) Yes i too agree the problem with that thread was people took it way too seriously and personally, too. Like i said at the end of the thread that it was just common sense of being considerate and respecting others like everything else in life. It wasn't some kind of anti-cat or cat owner campaign!
    8. NamaraPets
      Thats a great shot of your cats and dogs sitting together. While ours live in harmony they would never get that cosy!
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    Home Page:
    Owner of Little Fluff Pet Supplies
    Love reading anything to do with animal behaviour and have recently taken a canine behaviour and psychology course which was fascinating. Walking my dog Kez and looking after my two cats and rabbits. I love music and films and enjoy getting lost in a good book!



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