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Aug 29, 2015
Jul 7, 2014
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Aug 29, 2015
    1. Paddypaws
      Glad that meds arrived....try them out and let me know if they help. I order pepsid from ebay (international) and Periactin from welldricks pharmacy here in uk. Remember that she needs calcium etc in that home made food for it to be balanced. Tanya's site recommends chopped egg whites and cottage cheese as good forms of low phos protein....IF the cat will eat them!
    2. urbantigers
      I have posted the RC pouches. I've also sent you a fishy hermann's organic pouch to try. I bought that from zooplus when I was looking for some good quality, grain free foods that were fairly low in phosphorus and which would suit both my cats (I'm quite strict about grain free with my other cat). I can't remember the phosphorus level of it now but whilst it wasn't really low it was below 1 (think it was about 0.7 or 0.8) so I bought it to throw into the mix. It's expensive but it's good to know what they will or won't eat and what options are out there so you can try Daisy with it.
    3. urbantigers
      I will pop a couple of pouches in the post for you tomorrow. Jaffa liked the tuna one best :)
    4. Paddypaws
      ps, edit your previous message to remove your address now
    5. Paddypaws
      ok I will pop a strip in the post box tonight. Dose is 1/4 or up to 1/2 tablet, I think once a day but check tanya's forum. Also popped in a couple of Periactin which is an appetite stimulant, 1/4 tablet once a day. Give both 1/2 hour before you want cat to eat, they work quickly. I promise I am not a random nutter dispensing drugs....I use both these routinely for my own elderly boy and my vet is fine with it.
      Stop feeding the prescription muck and just let her eat what she wants would be my advice.
    6. Paddypaws
      you dont have enough posts yet for me to pm you....I have Pepsid AC here and can send you some if you give me your address. Kind Regards, Claire
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