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May 9, 2012
Oct 4, 2010
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PetForums Member, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire

littleBichon was last seen:
May 9, 2012
    1. katie200
      hows you and harry:)
    2. GoldenShadow
      Bless him hopefully he'll settle down! :)
    3. GoldenShadow
      Just wanted to say after seeing you post about doggy barking a bit in the night, I would definitely pop a note through to your neighbours :) Rupert was a bit iffy last summer barking when left and we made sure to always ask the neighbour when we saw her and check with people on the other side and they were really lovely about it. The nearer one (we're in a semi d) was like oh its ok he was a very nice, deep bark its not like he's whiny of screechy ;)

      I think it'd be a really good thing to do though then they have no reason to be cross and can feel they can chat to you about it should it be disturbing them.

      Hope you're having a good week :)
    4. katie200
      awwwwww bless you dogs soooooooooooo cute
    5. molly moo
      molly moo
      thank you , so is your little harry x
    6. Cat_Crazy
      Aww bless him, he sounds adorable.

      Was it any of these by any chance?
      ATS - Catalogue
    7. Cat_Crazy
      Sorry for the late reply, not been online much.
      Yes I was Harry's secret santa, glad that he liked the bone!

      Can't remember which one I sent now but if you describe it I will look if I have any more for you. My sister own's a pet shop and has access to whoesale dog toys which I buy a lot so I may have a few more in the house seeing as I buy way too many toys for my pair but if not I can certainly order some more for you.

    8. GoldenShadow
      Hellooo just wondered if you managed to post your secret santa pressie yet? Am updating the thread and know you were intending to post :) x x
    9. sequeena
      Just give as good as you get :D
    10. sequeena
      You're not ignorant lovely, don't worry you'll get used to everyone soon enough :D
    11. GoldenShadow
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