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Little Missy
Last Activity:
Nov 6, 2010
Aug 3, 2009
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Little Missy

PetForums Senior, from County Durham.. In A Cardboard Box Peeling Patatoe

Little Missy was last seen:
Nov 6, 2010
    1. danielled
      Nina's cat Haricat. If she wins round one of the competition she goes to the next round. It's all in the another push please thread.
    2. danielled
      Have you voted for Haricat.
    3. danielled
      PF chucked it's dummy out of it's pram and went down again last night lol. It does that sometimes.
    4. danielled
      Still suffering with this cold I did my second cat Kaos a thread in rainbow bridge and I am getting sections muddled today.
    5. danielled
      Hiya how are you today.
    6. danielled
      Night night hun sleep wel by the way if you like you can keep hold of that photo of Charlie.
    7. thedogsmother
      Howdy stranger, course I remember you:thumbup: what have you been up to?
    8. PoisonGirl
      Hi! :) nope you are not forgotten! i had a peek at your profile a couple of times to see i had not missed you!
      loveing the new arrival hes luurverly :001_wub:
    9. paddyjulie
      you just keep at it..it will be worth it in the end.... we have 13 now and 2 Cockerels..they did have a massive fight at first but get alongside each other just fine now...got to go now doll...speak tomorrow xx
    10. paddyjulie
      yeh...i know its terrible...well you will have to get stuck in then...have you still got your hens?
    11. paddyjulie
      lol...you will be fine...any idea yet what you wanna do when you leave school?
    12. paddyjulie
      is it next year you pick which subjects you want to take? i am probably wrong it really confuses me now what they call school years..when we went to senior school it started back at 1 :-)
    13. paddyjulie
      yeah i doing good...you still at school?
    14. paddyjulie
      hello...of course i remember you..how you doing? are you back for good?
    15. danielled
      Lol I know surprised myself there.
    16. danielled
      I know she is gone now though.
    17. danielled
      She did a nasty thread about me a while back was banned for something else then go tlet back on and is now banned again started on the mods she did.
    18. danielled
      Beginning with T and ending in S that has got me stumped not who I thought it was.
    19. danielled
      Did her username begin with k and end in e if so I know who it was and I have a story to tell about her getting banned rather pm that to you though lol.
    20. danielled
      Online bust up with a certain member?
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  • About

    The names Kathryn, and I am 11 years old.
    I have 2 ponies, and 2 hens. My favorite colour is purple and I like horses and horse riding, reading, sport, and food!
    I have 1 brother and no sisters.
    My best mates are Charlotte, Hebe, Shannon, Kelly, Jenny, Kaitlen, Paige and Christina.
    That's all for now!

    Horses, sport, music, reading.. Ermm


    I suppose I'm liking life at the minute.. Maybe. xD
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