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Nov 12, 2010
Aug 10, 2009
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PetForums Member, from Blackpool

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Nov 12, 2010
    1. Chell82xx
      Yeah that would be great to meet you and your babies. You have to keep me posted on how you get on. xx
    2. Chell82xx
      Well my older bitch has only been here for a few weeks now so she is still settling in and the pup is obviously to younge to be going to any shows yet but i cant wait to get back into the ring, I have only shown teddy very lightly but he has qualified for crufts which i'm made up about.

      Once i have a few commitments out of the way i'll be in a much better position with time to be able to out the practice in at the moment the only ringcraft class we have clashes with something else so its a pain!!
    3. Liteskye
      Hiya, lovely to hear from you.
      we're going to Midlands, but not entering Beryl. Then we have the club show at the end of the month, and both of the dogs will be going to that.
      Thank you for your lovely comment about Sidney :-)
      I missed a few shows nearer the beginning of the year because of the pups.
    4. Chell82xx
      Hi, thanks for accepting me. Your pics are lovely Sidney is a handsome chap very nice head on him.

      Well done for Driffield, I haven't shown much lately an as ment to be taking 2 of mine to Midlands but didnt make the entry in time :'( Do you do many of the shows? I only really got into it last year so still alot of work to do but we are getting there!
    5. Spellweaver
      If you are entering on Fosse Data, when you've selected your show it brings you to where your name and address are, and there's a space there to put the handler down. For dog.biz (higham press) you have to ring them. But if you put Anne down as a handler, whichever dog she is handling will be benched under her name - so if she's handling Beryl and you're handling Sidders, Beryl will be benched under M and Sidders will be benched under C.
    6. Spellweaver
      Hiya hun! I'm fine - off work now until 2nd September whoo hoo! Hows u?
    7. Luvdogs
      Thanks for friend request :) Do you show?
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    I live in Blackpool, UK and have a 10 year old son called Matthew. I love to show my dogs, and my passion is the Dogue de Bordeaux. I have 4 at the moment. Tia had her first litter in March. I show Sidney who is a 12 month old pup, and he got Best of Breed in puppy, which has qualified him for Crufts. My dear friend (Leoti) will be showing my Beryl, which I bred this year.


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